Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for options?
The Online Design Studio is designed to work like a walk through of our physical Design Studio. The Design Checklist has been arranged to walk you, step by step, through all of the option offerings. We recommend that you start at the top and browse your way through, to make sure that you have the chance to review all available option offerings. At this time, there is no key word search functionality. However, if you are looking for something in particular, you can contact your Design Consultant for assistance.

What is a Wish List?
The Wish List contains all the options that you are considering for your new home. This list is compiled of items that you have identified as possibilities for your home. As you work through the Design Checklist on the right side of the screen, you will have the opportunity to add items to your Wish List. The list allows you to review these items at any time and also allows the Design Consultant to see options that you are considering. Adding options to your Wish List is NOT a commitment to purchase these items. A final confirmation of all items will occur at the Design Center and must be executed by our Design Consultants.

What do the different colored folders mean?
The folder colors represent the different statuses of the option selection process and are designed to help you review and finalize your option selections.

  • Red = Complete. No further action can be taken, as all option selections are finalized for this category.
  • Yellow = Some options have been confirmed or wishlisted in this category.
  • White = No options have been wishlisted or confirmed in this category.

What does it mean when items show as ‘Complete’ in my Design Checklist?
Categories in the Design Checklist are marked as Complete when all selections in that category have been made for your new home. When a Category is listed as 'Complete', you will only see the options in that category that you have chosen for your new home.

What are Confirmed Options?
Options are confirmed once you have been to your design center appointment to review your options and a contract has been put in place. Confirmed Options will be built as a part of your new home. You must work with a Design Consultant to confirm options.

What if I want something that isn't shown in the Online Design Studio?
We strive to display all of our option offerings online, so that you can have a full view into all of your choices. However, there may be some products available in the Design Studio that are not shown online. Talk with your Design Consultant about any special requests or other available options.

Why doesn't the ‘back’ button work on my browser?
Envision is a web application and not a website. Web applications are data driven and require you to use the controls within the application, ie: clicking the ‘Home’ link to return to the main page.