Updating your lighting is one of the quickest ways to add personality to your home. The best part is that you don’t need to invest an exorbitant sum of money or have a substantial amount of DIY experience to make it happen.

A decorative pendant light will not only enhance the visibility in the kitchen when it’s dark out, but it will also bring some charm to this portion of the kitchen that’s been looking a little lackluster. After all, everything else in the room is new, so why should the light fixture be any different?

It’s true that you can find inspiration anywhere. For me, I didn’t have to travel any further than the kitchen containers next to our sink – directly underneath the new pendant light.

I painted this glass jar with bright blue chalkboard paint (and a few others scattered around the kitchen) and freehand painted white scrolls along the entire border. The similar swirls in the pendant light provide the perfect repetition of the scrollwork design throughout the rest of the room and help to reinforce the “theme” in a very subtle way.

As soon as you settle on the design for your kitchen, make sure you have everything you need for the installation. My mini pendant came with all installation materials and all I needed to do was connect it and hang it from the ceiling.

As a good rule of thumb, I always like to watch an experienced professional perform a new task before undertaking it myself. Given that, I recommend you educate yourself on a professional’s protocol if you’ve never installed a light fixture before.

In general, follow all proper safety precautions when electrical wiring is involved and always be sure to read the instruction manual included in your light’s box before beginning. Ensure all electrical power is turned off from your main breaker box, check it with a voltage tester and do not attempt a self-installation if you have any concerns about the wiring or electrical components.

After observing all of the above and installing my new mini pendant, here’s how the space above the sink looks now. I am thrilled with my newly fashionable and functional fixture and what its presence has done for my entire kitchen!


Rheney Williams


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