Selling your home is a huge undertaking and let’s face it, with all of the possible updates and upgrades you can make to increase its value, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. For example, a simple facelift for your kitchen can spiral into a full-on remodel quicker than you can say “backsplash.”

There is, however, one project that all homeowners should consider before putting their house on the market: front door replacement. Well-chosen entry doors not only add crucial curb appeal and an added level of security, but they also provide the highest return on investment come selling time.

Here’s why you need to replace your front door:

Add Curb Appeal Curb appeal, or what potential buyers see when they first pull up to your house, is extremely important. It’s the first impression, and just like your appearance during a job interview, can make or break the deal immediately. There are hundreds of things you can do to enhance your home’s curb appeal, including landscaping, adding fencing, and upgrading your mailbox, but the biggest game-changer is replacing your front door, especially with one that is prefinished in an attractive wood grain print or vibrant, welcoming color.

You can add an exotic, high-end look to your home’s façade with a fiberglass door printed with wood grain, or modernize your home with an entry door in a rich shade of red or bright lime green.

Increase Security & Durability Aside from aesthetic appeal, one of the most important factors for homeowners in choosing a new front door is safety. While solid wood and steel doors are high on this list, there is a new option you should consider: prefinished fiberglass. One example is Masonite’s strong, five-layer AvantGuard® finish, which makes these doors high performance and low maintenance because they do not rot, they have UV-resistant topcoats, and each has a five year warranty.

Best Return on Investment Looks and security are great, but let’s get down to business. How much is replacing your front door going to cost and how much will you get back upon the sale of your home? According to Remodeling’s 2014 Cost vs. Value Report, the average cost of entry door replacement is $1162 and homeowners recoup nearly all of the costs with an average return of 96.6%. This project outranks deck additions and minor kitchen remodels, which cost significantly more and only have returns of 87.4% and 82.7%, respectively.

Now that we’ve taken the guesswork out of entry door replacement, make sure you add it to your home selling to-do list!


Sarah Kellner


Sarah Kellner is a writer for The Home Depot. With a background in art and design, she writes on a wide variety of home improvement and real estate topics. To find the fiberglass entry doors mentioned in this article, visit the front doors pages at