Your living room is an area that you and your family spend a great amount of time in — so why not make it one you’ll love to come home to every day? From adding a few accent pieces, to completing that DIY project that’s been on your mind all year, there are plenty of ways to transform your living space into one that will give your friends and family room envy each time they visit.

No matter your style preference, we have living room decor ideas that will suit any taste!

For the Boho Lover:

  • Add an oversized, jewel-toned area rug to bring a burst of color and energy to your space.
  • For a boho twist on a photo gallery wall, opt for a macrame hanging gallery wall. The blend of colors and textures will bring a cool, yet cozy, addition to your living area.
  • Pull elements of the outdoors in. Plants are an affordable and easy way to put the finishing touches on a coffee table, side table, mantle, or shelf.
  • Cacti, animal skull prints, and cowhide area rugs are simple additions for a Southwestern flair.

For a Sleek, Modern Look:

  • A good mixture of both black and white pieces can create a bold contrast you’ll love.
  • Look for opportunities to blend everyday pieces into modern decor, such as a TV that doubles as a piece of art!
  • Choose floor-to-ceiling curtains and cabinets to add a dramatic effect to an open-concept living design.

For a Touch of Elegance:

  • Stick with whites, greys, and neutrals to create a light and bright everyday feel to your living area.
  • Hints of gold can elevate any space. Picture frames, coffee table accents, and furniture hardware are three easy ways to incorporate this color.
  • Hang the chandelier of your dreams on a vaulted ceiling for a “wow” factor that is sure to impress.

For a Cozy, Farmhouse Vibe:

  • Incorporate exposed beams to your ceiling for an eye-catching architectural detail that your guests will drool over.
  • Add a fresh coat of white paint to your brick fireplace to create a focal point to your room.
  • For an extra cozy feel, spruce up your sofas and chairs with a variety of throw pillows and knit blankets.


Carly Sickles


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