Not completely in love with your home, but can’t decide if a home renovation will fulfill all your needs or if a completely new home will be best? The decision between renovating or selling your current home is a tough one!

Both options require a great deal of planning, organization, budgeting, and time. So which one do you choose? Take our 5-minute quiz below to help you understand whether you should renovate or sell your current home!

Things to Consider When Renovating

  • Organization is key!
  • You need to have a set budget and stick to it! Have you done research on bathroom renovation costs or kitchen renovation costs?
  • You will be living in a messy home for a while, so be prepared, especially if you are considering a kitchen renovation
  • Do you love living in your current community?
  • Sold on renovating? Familiarize yourself with these top design trends in 2020!

Things to Consider When Selling

Whatever it is you are considering, we are here to help ease your decision-making process.

Whether you renovate or sell, we hope you are the happiest in your new space! Whatever you pick, be prepared to plan ahead, keep organized, and most importantly stay cool, calm, and collected. Everything will work out as planned! So what’s your result: Renovate or Sell?


Christa Colavincenzo


As a Web Content Coordinator at M/I Homes, Christa’s role is to manage all content that is placed on the M/I Homes website as well as establish creative and new ways to digitally market our products. When she’s not thinking of ways to make our website content better, Christa enjoys traveling to new cities that she’s never been to before, spending time with her friends, and cuddling her two kittens.