Did you know that hundreds of people search for "bathroom tile ideas" every month? If you are looking to remodel your bathroom to get the dreamiest spa shower and fill your friends with bathroom envy, here are some different ways to remodel your bathroom, whether you choose the DIY route or hire a contractor.

Finding a contractor you trust can be tricky, but luckily there are plenty of resources to help you narrow your search down to just the right one. From large, well-known companies to local small business owners, there’s bound to be a contractor to get the job done for your bathroom remodel. Check out HomeAdvisor for a quick list of top-rated bathroom contractors.

Will your friends envy your futuristic bathroom?

Is a bathroom remodel going to solve all your problems? It’s important to know your bathroom’s space and have a realistic set of expectations with your budget. Design a foolproof plan that takes into consideration the time and steps involved to creating a bathroom to be envied.

  1. Who is going to be using this bathroom and shower?

If kids are going to be using this bathroom, make sure to select the most durable materials! For parents only, make sure to incorporate his-and-hers features, such as enough storage for both, shower heads with both steam settings and a variety of pressure settings, and separate sets of towels and hooks for each.

  1. What kind of budget do I need?

Sometimes the most expensive option isn’t always the best option. Try to picture yourself using this bathroom every day. Don’t make using it too complicatedcreate a space to help you get ready on time in the mornings. Picture the kinds of accessories you want to use to fill the space: which ones fulfill a purpose vs. just look pretty?

You shouldn't stress about the place where you de-stress

You’ll need to narrow down whether you’re committing to remodeling your whole bathroom or just the shower.

If you’re just remodeling your shower, make sure to coordinate colors with the rest of the bathroom, such as the shower tile. This will help create a holistically modern bathroom that flows with its design.

When taking on a remodel of the entire bathroom, you’ll have lots of more factors to keep in mind, but consider ways to use tile in other places than just your shower: look for floor tiling and backsplash opportunities as well!

Take accurate measurements of your entire space that’s about to be remodeledand check your measurements twice (or more)! Think about important details like which way you want to enter your future shower. Is the size and shape of the glass easy to navigate around corners or other bathroom appliances? And, if you’re going to have a tub, where is the placement going to be in relation to the shower? A separate soaking tub will need the right shape, faucet, and dimensions; conversely, a tub within your shower will affect the shape and size of your shower as well.

Again, make it as easy as possible to picture yourself getting ready for the day. Put your towel hooks or storage in the easiest places to reach from the shower and soaking tub, minimizing the need to travel across the bathroom for a towel or linen.

Seal the deal with the right shower glass

Which is going to be the best type of glass for your shower doors? First, consider these important factors.

  • Thickness of glass
  • Type of glass
  • Where to order the glass
  • How high the glass reaches to the ceiling
  • Which door handles to use
  • How much resistance is right when opening and closing the door
  • If your bathroom has enough ventilation for proper moisture control

With your measurements and this list in mind, choose whatever shower glass best suits your bathroom and needs.

You might be surprised how many people use the wrong tile in their bathroom

You might be wondering what the best type of tile for a shower is, and you’re not alone! Some bathroom DIYers might not think the tile size and shape in a shower make a big difference, but when the right kind is selected it can really tie the room together.

This is another place those measurements will come in handywhich tile shape best fills the space? Next, which type of tile do you prefer? You can find cement, ceramic, glass, metal, mosaic, natural stone, and porcelain tile at many home improvement stores. Finally, is the tile slippery to walk on? Consider one that is more slip-resistant.

With important considerations like cost, durability, and material, you can find all the inspiration you need at Home Depot. A professional bathroom expert there can even help you with which types of grout and grout lines to use!

Feeling the pressure yet? Choose the right shower head

There are many options out there when it comes to shower heads. From the pressure of a shower head to its spray pattern and everything in between, it all boils down to your preferences and which is the best type of shower head for you.

  • Shower head location
  • How many shower heads
  • Surrounding shower heads
  • A shower head with the right amount of settings
  • Detachable or handheld shower heads that reach far enough and are easy hang back up
  • Shower head materials: metal, brass, or plastic
  • Is the shower head too fancy or impractical? (Do you really need one that changes colors?)

Make sure the shower head is easy to install and that you can easily change the angle of your shower head. When you adjust it or tilt it, do all the pieces stay in place like they should? Keep your shower head’s manual in a safe place to refer back to if you ever need to troubleshoot, and make sure you know what low pressure and other issues mean.

A beautiful bathroom is worth the wait!

You still have time to call a contractor if you’re feeling like a DIY remodel is risky! Don’t overthink it and be afraid to ask for help, especially when it comes to plumbing (don’t be that guy). You want to make sure your remodel gets done right! With the right plan and timeframe, input from both trusted professionals and experienced friends, and another bathroom you can use during your remodel, you’ll have the dream bathroom you always wanted in no time!

Just remember:

  • Stick to your budget
  • Make sure the bathroom is easy to navigate and use, not just pretty to look at
  • Picture yourself using it everyday
  • Take into consideration that the most expensive is not always the best
  • Do your remodel in sections so the process isn't overwhelming
  • Choose materials that are easy to clean and last the test of time

What’s the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of?


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