​Our mothers are part of our legacy. From day one of our lives, they teach us, help us, comfort us, encourage us.

​Maybe your mom has spent hours at the dining table with the kids, schoolbooks and homework sprawled out everywhere while she provides encouragement to not give up on that algebra problem. Maybe she’s provided a soft shoulder to cry on at times. Maybe she works long, rigorous hours at her job to take care of her family.

​Maybe, just maybe, Mom could use an extra special Mother’s Day this year.

Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts

​Sure: flowers, cards, chocolate, and other treats can be nice gifts for mom, but here are some unconventional ideas that could really light her smile up this year:

Let Mom Sleep In.

​That sounds simple, but you might not realize how much of a gift that can really be, especially if there are little ones in your home! Keep everyone occupied and quiet, turn off the alarm, and let her catch some extra Z’s.

Create Your Own Gift.

​We’re not talking about just scribbling on a piece of paper this year. There are plenty of easy projects you can work on as a family without making a huge mess, and you can find practical gifts that Mom actually can use. Keep your project hidden until it’s time to surprise her!

Design a Clean, Decorated Space to Hang Out.

​Maybe Mom’s not the obsessive cleaner in your family, but everyone appreciates a space to kick back and relax without any distractions! What’s her favorite place to cuddle up with a book or to watch her favorite shows at home? Go all out and stock up with all her favorite things:

  • Queue up her favorite shows or movies;
  • Help her relax with her favorite candles, essential oils, or incense;
  • Get a few of her favorite snacks (don’t forget salty and sweet options!);
  • Have plenty of blankets and pillows available for maximum comfort;
  • And, most importantly, join her as a family!

Print Out Family Photos from this Year.

​You don’t even have to run out to Walgreen’s or CVS to print photos anymore—plenty of websites make it really easy to order photo prints online, and they usually have free bundles, too! Bonus points if they’re the right size for her photo album that’s not quite complete!

Write Her a Full Letter, Not Just a Card.

​Highlighting your favorite memories with Mom or telling her specific things you appreciate that she does or is should take up lots more space than just signing “Love you, Mom” on the bottom of a Hallmark card. Carve out some time and speak from the heart.

Take Advantage of Nice Weather!

​One of our very own M/I Moms, Wendy Garcia, champions this simple activity with a recent fond memory with her little ones and dog:

​“One of our favorite things to do is make smoothies and sit outside in our backyard. I love the time we share talking about things that matter to them—getting to spend some quality time together and continuing to build my bond with them. It’s ‘mommy and me time’ and we love it.”

​And speaking of inspiration, check out what our other M/I Moms are looking forward to this year.

Memory-Making Inspiration from Our Very Own M/I Moms

​Kari and her two little ones have been keeping busy in their new M/I Home! Daily activities include baking cookies (getting her son ready for Kids Baking Championship), dancing in the den to a combination of Fleetwood Mac, Blink 182, and Drake (they have broad taste), exploring the woods in the backyard, and teaching the new baby how to walk and talk! Every day is filled with little blessings from her crazy crew. This Mother’s Day, Kari hopes to relax, though that’s likely not in the cards and she honestly is perfectly okay with that.

​Courtney and her children regularly stroll the neighborhood ponds searching for the oh-so-perfect rock to skip or throw to make a BIG splash! Vacations are her family’s favorite way to spend time together and make memories. They love to travel and explore new places together.

​Getting creative with her kids is Kim’s jam. One of her favorite memories this year was a family outing to a local painting spot for step by step paint-a-long. Between sips of apple juice and adding some creative elements to their koalas, this day was full of fun. These paintings are now hanging in their home as a reminder of fun times and the kids have a blast asking all of their visitors if they can guess who painted which koala. For Mother’s Day Kim is hoping for brunch in bed—hold the apple juice—and more homemade artwork from her favorite artists.

​One of Adrienne’s favorite memories was the recent arrival of her daughter and the moment her two sons got to meet her. This Mother’s Day Adrienne is hoping for a nice long, uninterrupted bath with her favorite glass of wine.

Ellen and her kids make adorable videos together to share on Facebook, and have been spotted around their neighborhood trick-or-treating, taking a walk together, or just plain lighting up their neighbors' faces with a smile! This Mother's Day, Ellen hopes for French toast for breakfast, a glass of her favorite wine, and a little peace and quiet.

​Rachel and her husband, Eric moved into their M/I Home in November, and it’s been the perfect place to welcome their new baby girl, Charlotte. You can find them cozy in bed on lazy mornings, hanging out on the couch watching Netflix, or enjoying family walks around the neighborhood. Rachel is excited for her first Mother’s Day and is hoping for lots of newborn cuddles and long naps for all.

​Reyna’s family loves to dance, volunteer, and TRAVEL! It’s their favorite times to bond and create memories while exploring new countries and cultures!

​We can’t wait to hear about your favorite Mother’s Day memories! From homemade gifts to extravagant spa days, share the best gifts and experiences you’ve enjoyed with your families this year.


Savannah Paver


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