Why settle for a pot of gold when you can have a beautiful new home filled with life, love, and happiness? It’s time to press your luck and buy new!

Instead of searching for a pot of gold, start incorporating these lucky 2021 home decor trends into your new home this year:

  • Green looks good on you! According to Insider, green cabinets could be one of the biggest kitchen trends in 2021.
  • Shine bright this year with soft gold. Sebring ranks soft gold light fixtures as the #1 interior lighting fixture trend for 2021.
  • Gold faucets will give your kitchen that perfect pop of elegance. Houzz states that copper, rose gold, and champagne bronze are popular kitchen faucet colors this year.
  • Lastly, gold decor is a must in order to tie everything together. Check out Inspire Me! Home Decor for beautiful gold home decor that is also affordable—lucky you!

Well, what’re you waiting for? Find out what home will be at the end of your rainbow by taking our 3-minute quiz today. Good luck!


Christa Colavincenzo


As a Web Content Coordinator at M/I Homes, Christa’s role is to manage all content that is placed on the M/I Homes website as well as establish creative and new ways to digitally market our products. When she’s not thinking of ways to make our website content better, Christa enjoys traveling to new cities that she’s never been to before, spending time with her friends, and cuddling her two kittens.