Home is the most important place in our lives, and buying a new home is one of the most exciting decisions you can make; however, it can also be a bit nerve-wracking if you’re unsure about how your home will be built.

Have no fear, because we’re here to walk you through every step! With the knowledge of our construction process, you and your family can have the peace of mind and confidence that you’re making the best possible choice by building a new home.

From avoiding the costly renovations and repairs many resale homes need, to having a home that is uniquely their own, there are many great reasons to build a new home.

But this article isn’t just for those interested in building; even if you’re looking to buy a spec home, knowing the steps it took to build your home assures you that it was built with the upmost care and to the highest quality.

This article only covers the building phases of a new home, but don’t forget the essential steps you'll need to take before the construction crew can get to work!

Preparing the Homesite

So you chose the perfect homesite and floorplan, but before construction on your new home can begin, the land where it will sit must be prepared. The lot must be surveyed and utility access has to be set up.


Now that the lot has been prepped, we can start building your home! A concrete foundation is poured, which is then reinforced with steel rods prior to drying. Once it hardens, the foundation is sprayed with a waterproofing substance to ensure it will be dry for many years to come.

There are several types of foundations, and the geographic location of your home often determines which type is used. The most commonly seen are slab foundations and basement foundations; depending on where you’re building, M/I has options for both!

Before moving on to the next phase in the construction process, a city inspector will evaluate the quality of the foundation.


This is where it start to get really exciting! With the wooden framing, you can literally see your home taking shape and notice that excellent floorplan you selected come to life.

There’s quite a lot involved in this step:

  • Floor joists are installed as well as the subfloor
  • Windows and doors are also installed
  • Tyvek® house wrap is put over the exterior to prevent water and moisture from getting into the home

This has a secondary function of improving the home’s energy efficiency by helping the insulation work better, keeping your home cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

HVAC, Pluming, and Electrical

Your home is now ‘dried-in,’ which means the interior is completely protected from rain and moisture. Now the major systems, including pluming, electrical, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), can be installed.

Once these components have been installed, inspectors proof them individually, making sure the home continues to be of the highest quality possible.


The next step is to installed insulation, which will keep your home warm in the winter.

There are many types of insulation, and some are better suited than others, depending on the location’s climate.

Energy efficiency is important to reduce your energy costs (which means saving you money!), so the home must be properly insulated from the roof all the way down to the foundation.

The list of places needing insulation is extensive, but the biggest and most commonly thought of areas include the exterior walls, the attic, any floors above the garage, and the foundation.


After your home has been properly insulated, the next step is to put up drywall on the walls and ceiling. Using specialty screws, brackets, and joint compound (commonly referred to as ‘drywall mud’), our construction crew will hang drywall to create the rooms in your home. During this process, they will also cut out holes for lighting fixtures and electrical outlets. Once completed, the drywall will be primed with sealer so paint can be absorbed evenly across the entire surface area.

Interior and Exterior Finishes

We getting to the final stage of building your dream home! The interior will be completed in this stage, and you’ll love seeing the final essential touches being installed.

Everything from hardwood flooring and carpeting to countertops and cabinets, as well as doors and light fixtures are added. For the exterior, we'll make sure your driveway has been paved and sod as been added to your yard.

This stage is equally thrilling for those who choose to buy an inventory home, often called a spec home, as the custom finishes they choose are installed!

There are so many options to decide but worry not; our top-notch Design Studios are staffed by professional design specialist who can help you select the perfect finished for your home.

Final Inspection and Walkthrough

Congratulations: your new home is nearly done and ready for you to move into and fall in love with!

After passing the final inspection, you can walk through the home with the Construction Manager to make sure that it’s up to your personal standards. If you discover something that happened to be missed during the building process, this is when you can let us know so we can correct it for you.

Want to see this process for yourself? Check out this awesome video of the model home in one of our Sarasota new home communities as it is built from the ground up!


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