Thinking about building your new home with M/I Homes? Read our New Home Consultant Hannah Martin's story about building her first home with M/I after interacting with her customers and hearing what was most important in a home to them.

Buying a home is a huge milestone in your life and likely one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make.

When I first started with M/I Homes over 2 years ago, I never thought it’d be possible to build my dream home and design it myself. The process seemed daunting, and I didn’t know where to even begin.

As an employee, I learned the steps to building a new home and quickly realized that it’s very achievable for anyone at any age. Then over a year later I decided to take the leap and become a first-time homebuyer!

I had helped many others build their first home and guided them through the entire process from start to finish. Seeing the joy they had on their faces on closing day made me realize: why wait—it’s time for me to buy!



I did my research, of course, and looked over countless floorplans. I didn’t need a large home for just myself, so after narrowing it down to what size square footage I wanted, I knew my top 3 floorplans.

I have to say, this was the part that took me the longest to decide on. The fun part is being able to walk through a model and visualize everyday life in that home.

The reason I chose the floorplan I did was because there’s something cozy yet open about it. The 3 rooms are all spaced apart on different sides of the home, and the secondary bathroom has separate sinks closed off from the bathtub, which was very unique to see in a smaller floorplan.

There is really no wasted space in our floorplans, and there’s a lot of versatility in the structural options to make it your own. It’s the little differences like these that M/I has to offer that you just don’t see elsewhere.

After going through this process there are a few tips I now give first time homebuyers to help them along the way.

I start by asking if they think this is going to be their forever home or a starter home, typically most of them say it’s not their forever home. In this case, I like to remind them of things that might be good for resale later. For example, location of the homesite they select in the community or additional structural upgrades that are most popular.

Another big topic is budget. I like to give ideas of how homebuyers can save in the design selection process. Personally, I decided to just do the pre-wiring for pendants above the island so I could pick out my own when I was ready, and I also did this with my cabinet hardware.

There are so many beautiful standard options we have to offer so never let the design selections be overwhelming! Here at M/I Homes we will be happy to answer each and every question you have along the way. We will strive to give you the absolute best experience from start to finish.

It’s truly been so rewarding to see families move into their new home and start making memories for many years to come.



I am so grateful I get to work for such a wonderful company, and I’m happy I had the opportunity to build my dream first home with M/I as well!


Ashley - Austin ISM
Ashley Thomas


Ashley has 8 years of experience in the new construction industry. She enjoys helping others work through the process and achieve their goals of building a new construction home! She herself has gone through the process from start to finish, building her first two homes. She has worked all over the city of Austin and can provide great insight on different areas. When she is not assisting you, she is out enjoying the lake, traveling, and finding new places to eat.