Aisha Coleman | Internet Sales Manager

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About Aisha

Originally from New York City, young Aisha was a “military brat.” Her family first moved to Maine and then traveled the world. She spent four years in Italy and traveling throughout Europe, then spent years in Japan where she attended a branch of the University of Maryland on the military base. Subsequent military tours took her to Hawaii and then to Orlando, Florida where she permanently settled.

As a little girl she showed an interest in architecture and real estate, using building blocks and Legos® to construct bridges, buildings and homes. When she wasn’t building them, she was drawing or painting them.

Aisha currently resides in Seminole County FL, and is an avid “DIY-er.” She’s obsessed with HGTV, home décor, home projects, and building. Her hobbies include sewing, writing poetry, spending time with her family, traveling, and enjoying all of the amazing beaches that Florida has to offer.

If you're working with a real estate agent they must be present at your initial visit.

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