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From freshening up in the mornings to getting ready for bed, you spend a lot of time in your bathroom each day. If you’re not proactive, skincare products, cosmetics, towels, and other belongings can quickly pile up.

Organize each spot in your bathroom and streamline your morning and nightly routines with these hacks!

[Modern Bathroom With Black Countertops]

Organizing a Bathroom Cabinet

Vanity cabinets are often the most cluttered part of a bathroom because it’s easy to throw things inside and forget about them until they’re needed.

Before you start organizing, take everything out and get rid of any unnecessary or unwanted items and expired products. Decluttering your space will give you a cleaner slate to work with!

[Bright Bathroom With Full Glass Shower]

If you don’t have shelves in your cabinet, we recommend purchasing some standalone shelves or a small drawer organizer to get started.

Start by dedicating a shelf to a specific group of your belongings. Here are a few common categories that might help you break up your items:

  • Hair tools, such as brushes, combs, curling irons, or scrunchies
  • Hair products, such as hairspray or hair gel
  • Cosmetics
  • Soaps and lotions
  • Skin care products

Once you’ve chosen an appropriate category for each item, decide where to put them in the cabinet. Place more frequently used items on the top shelf where they can be quickly accessed.

[Person Storing Basket of Towels On A Shelf]

Products and tools that don’t get touched as often can be reserved for the bottom shelf or placed towards the back of the cabinet.

Using storage containers is a brilliant organization hack, especially if you label each bin! You’ll be able to quickly find and put each item back where it belongs.

You can also purchase a hanging door organizer for additional space!

[Organized Bathroom Drawers]

Straightening Up Your Vanity Countertops

It’s easy to get into the habit of leaving your toiletries sprawled across the vanity each morning, but having a place for everything will save you time and stress in the long run!

Start by removing everything from the vanity top and wiping it down.

Once that’s done, categorize items by what will streamline your routine to leave on the counter and what will create chaos and clutter on the counter. For example, soap and lotion could be left out for since you use them throughout the day, whereas a container of cotton balls could be stored away.

[Full Bathroom With Grey Shower Tile]

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash are commonly left on the vanity for easy reach in the morning and evening, but keeping them in a medicine cabinet or drawer would clear up countertop space.

If you’re not convinced, consider the fact that it’s much more hygienic to store your toothbrush elsewhere, like in a toothbrush holder away from the toilet.

Any other regularly used items that you’d like left out might require another storage container from the store. We suggest something without a lid and narrow in shape so it can fit up against a wall and stay out of your way.

You could also try something decorative to add to the bathroom’s design while freeing up space!

[Bathroom With Double Vanity and Grey Countertops]

The rest of your items should be put away under the cabinet or in a drawer—out of sight but easily accessible.

Ultimately, these tips will give you more countertop space to use for décor or for additional room while you get ready.

Making a Bathroom Closet Organization System

If you toss towels, bed sheets, and other belongings into your closet, it can start to look chaotic.

Start an entirely new system for closet organization with these steps:

  1. Remove Everything From the Closet
  2. Just like overhauling your bathroom cabinet, you’ll want to discard or give away anything you no longer use.

  3. Vacuum
  4. Before restocking, vacuum the floor and shelves so your towels and bedding are placed upon clean surfaces.

  5. Use Baskets
  6. We suggest purchasing some baskets for your bathroom closet makeover. Not only will it be easier to arrange your items, but it gives your closet more design appeal as well!

  7. Sort Your Towels and Sheets
  8. Separate your towels by size and make sure they’re neatly folded. You can try different folding methods to see what will make the best use of your closet space. Then, place them on a shelf or in a basket with a label according to their size.

    Next, follow the same process for bed sheets you may want stored away in here. While this may be a pain, there are plenty of ways to easily fold your sheets for a tidy closet.

    [Woman Folding Laundry]

    Pro tip: You can also use towels as simple décor in the bathroom!

    [White Bathroom With Rolled Towels on Large Tub]
  9. Put Away Other Items
  10. Lastly, designate a basket, a storage container, or a shelf to any remaining items you’d like put away in your bathroom closet.

It’s amazing what a few bins and labels can do to make your space feel more functional and enjoyable!

Arranging Your Shower Products

We’ve all had the experience of shampoo bottles crashing to the floor in the shower. This can be avoided by properly arranging your products.

If you have a shower niche or a built-in shelf, use this spot for your top 2–3 products. This will keep your most used toiletries in plain sight and within reach.

[Marble-Look Tiled Shower With Organizer on Floor]

For the remainder of your products, a shower caddy will greatly improve your shower organization by giving you an extra shelf for everything. Shop around to decide which design will work best for your shower, whether it’s an organizer that hangs over the showerhead, a corner rack, a waterproof bin on the floor, or a suction wall attachment.

Organizing your bathroom from top to bottom can truly transform the space into a more practical, convenient, and relaxing place to start your mornings and end your day.

While you declutter your bathroom, consider further enhancing the space with these tips for making your bathroom feel bigger!


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