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As you search for the perfect spring flowers to liven up your garden after the harsh winter months, keep in mind that there are a few extra outdoor elements that should be updated as well:

  • First, dust off and reposition your front yard accessories for a fresh new outdoor vibe.
  • Second, make sure you have your lawn, shrubs, and flowers manicured to show off your beautiful exterior.
  • Last but not least, update your fencing. Fabulous fencing not only acts as an extra layer of security or privacy for your yard, but it also gives a tremendous boost in curb appeal.

Here are our top four options for a brand new fence!

Wood Fencing

Durable and classic, there is nothing quite like a beautiful new wood fence. Its unique grains and patterns make wood fencing feel more organic than other types, so this style works best with contemporary or transitional exteriors.

Wood fences are typically less expensive than other materials. However, they do require some maintenance from time to time to prevent warping and discoloration.

Should privacy and security be your two biggest necessities, this fence style is right up your alley. It’s also easy to stain or paint to suit your home’s exterior palette.

Vinyl Fencing

Looking for low maintenance and high style? Vinyl fencing might be your design solution. It’s stronger than wood and can stand up to the elements—plus, you won’t need to repaint it nearly as often. It’s also easy to install, making it a great weekend project if you love DIY.

Vinyl is typically used for privacy fencing, picket fencing, or as a safe and stylish way to block off a swimming pool. This style plays well with all types of homes, from modern to traditional to rustic.

Metal Fencing

If durability is your main concern, we suggest taking a look at metal fencing options. These fences are gaining popularity, especially in homes with a distinguishable transitional exterior style.

Materials like steel, cast iron, and aluminum are all sturdy and stylish. They come in a multitude of different configurations to show off your exterior without sacrificing privacy or safety.

Metal fences can act as small, decorative elements for your garden or as the main fence for your entire backyard.

Composite Fencing

Last but not least, composite fencing offers a fresh alternative to common fencing solutions with the look of real wood but the low-maintenance and worry-free design of vinyl. Budget-friendly and durable, composite fencing works best with traditional, transitional, and modern homes.

Complement your new fencing with a new arrangement of spring florals and ferns and beautiful patio furniture to match. What is your favorite fencing style? How do you use it boost your home’s curb appeal?


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