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Moving can be a stressful experience. Adding kids and pets into the mix can make it even more overwhelming! With these tips for moving into a new house, the process can be smooth and painless.

TIP 1: Set Moving Expectations

Before making the move to your new home, it’s important to talk to your kids about the move. Change can be scary, but researching activities and things to do around the area will get the kids excited about it. If you emphasize similarities between the old and the new, it won’t seem so different.

TIP 2: Label Your Boxes

Staying organized will save you some serious time when unpacking. Labeling your boxes can be extremely helpful whether you have hired movers or plan to do all the moving yourself. Not only will you know where everything needs to go, but you will also be more aware if something is left behind.

TIP 3: Get Kids Involved in the Packing Process

Getting your kids involved in the packing process can really help them understand and feel a part of the move. Older children can gain a sense of security and familiarity by packing up their own room and possessions, while younger children can turn packing into a fun game.

TIP 4: Pack an Essentials Box

If hiring movers, allowing your kids (and pets) to pack a box of their favorite toys, games, pictures, etc. that travels with you and not the movers can put your kids and pets at ease. They will feel safe knowing they have all of the important things with them and not worry that they will be lost or forgotten.

TIP 5: Say Your Goodbyes

Say goodbye. Do one last tour of the old home, take a walk around the neighborhood, and give your kids and pets time to visit the people and places they love and might miss the most. This long-distance moving tip is necessary for a smooth transition—and in the age of technology, it’s also easier to keep in touch so reassure your kids that they can still maintain contact with their best friends.

TIP 6: Keep Your Kids and Pets Occupied During Moving Day

The last thing you would want on moving day is for your pet to slip out and run away during the chaos of the move. To avoid this, you can take them to a pet resort for a day, or secure them in a room with food, water, and toys to keep them occupied and safe.

Give kids an activity to do, assign them a task that makes them feel helpful, or surprise them with a new puzzle, game, or toy to keep them occupied and out of harm’s way during the moving process.

TIP 7: Invest in the Help of Friends and Family

If you’re lucky enough to be moving to an area close to friends and family, invest in their help on moving day. They can take your kids and furry friends out for a day of fun while you unpack and move everything into the house.

TIP 8: Prioritize Rooms When Unpacking

Unpacking your kid’s or pet’s room first can help them feel at home more quickly. Setting up their bedroom first may also get them excited about the change. You can also prioritize unpacking the rooms they will spend the most time in next like the living room or a play area.

TIP 9: Maintain Your Normal Home Routine

Once you have settled into your new home, try maintaining your normal routine. Feed the pets at the same time, go on your daily walk, or sit down and enjoy dinner as a family. This will allow everyone to adjust to the change smoothly.

With these moving packing tips and tricks, your next move into your dream home will be easier than ever, whether you are moving long distance or right around the corner!


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