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The nursery is where you and your newborn will spend a significant amount of time creating those first precious memories. This space needs to be comfortable for not only the newborn, but for you as well.

Here are 9 simple nursery design ideas to help you shop smart and design a gorgeous room for your baby.

1. Choose a Creative Theme

There are plenty of fun themes to choose from, whether it’s a favorite storybook, favorite activity, travel, or movie.

When you pick a theme, choose the color palette and identify the key pieces of furniture that will complement your color scheme. Add In a few fun pieces to bring the theme together!

Nursery Room With Camper Room and Blue Wall

2. Incorporate Current Home Décor

If you have pieces of décor in other rooms that match your home's style, feel free to repurpose those pieces into the nursery, such as a print of a Texas Longhorn or rustic furniture to unite the western style of your home.

Incorporating pieces will save you money in the long run and keep your nursery cohesive with the rest of your home.

A Nursery With a LongHorn Photograph

3. Use a Light Wash of Pink

A pastel palette is a simple nursery idea for girls; however, too much pink can be overwhelming. Try using a lighter wash of pink to create a calming and comfortable space for you and your new princess in the family.

Nursery Room With Pink Pastel Finishes

4. Try a Minimalistic Approach

Going minimal is a simple way to keep your nursery search within budget. You can still incorporate splashes of color, but instead of covering every square inch of available space, focus on two or three focal points, such as a cozy reading corner or simple pieces of décor to hang on the wall.

Nursery Room With Minimal Blue Hues

5. Borrow a Chair

You will want a comfortable chair in your nursery as you watch and care for your child. If you have a spare chair in the living room or a bedroom that won’t need the extra seating, take it and use it in your nursery to save on buying a new one!

Pro Tip: make sure the chair you use in here is comfortable and preferably rocks for those late nights getting your baby back to sleep.

Nursery With Green Chair

6. Implement Adorable Artwork

Add a fun element to your nursery with some adorable wall art.

Choose between the following pieces will that continue to feel relevant as the room continues to evolve:

  • Wall decals
  • Decorative mirrors
  • Framed prints
  • Murals
  • Sculptures
  • DIY art

If the larger pieces are out of budget, opt for an assortment of smaller prints! Each print will bring its own unique charm at a fraction of the cost.

Nursery Room Designed with Artwork

7. Use Creative Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to make your nursery stand out without adding extra décor. With plenty of designs and styles to choose from, It’s easy to find an option that will work for you!

Removable wallpaper makes it be easier to redecorate when your child is growing up and wants to design their own space.

A Nursery Room With Wallpaper

8. Go With Gender Neutral Colors

If you’re still waiting on a surprise for the gender or hope to create a beautiful space for years to come, a flexible color scheme is perfect.

A gender-neutral color scheme can create dramatic space with color accents set against a neutral background and help spaces pop with striking contrasts.

A Nuresery Designed With Neutral Colors

9. Get Creative With Lighting

Shop for lighting that can make a statement in your baby’s room. Soft lighting adds a soothing touch for naptime or gloomy days, and coupled with a mounted baby mobile, really ties the room together.

Nursery With Soft Lighting

Decorating your nursery might seem like a tall task, but you will feel better knowing you have created an inviting, safe space for you and your baby.

Ready to prepare the rest of your home for the newest family member? Get our essential babyproofing tips.


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