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In a time of life when jam-packed schedules fill our days while phone scrolling consumes our evenings (more than many of us would like to admit), setting aside intentional time for family is crucial.

If you have kids at home and are looking for creative and engaging ways to spend distraction-free, quality time with them, this is for you. Here are some fun family night ideas to do together at home! Let's get to planning.

Family Night Dinner Ideas

Host a Family Cooking Class

It's never too soon for your kids to start learning some basic cooking skills. Pick a relatively easy meal like lasagna or tacos, give each helper an apron, and make this a hands-on teaching experience for your family!

Family of 4 cooking together

Make Your Own Pizza

Pizza making is a fun and inexpensive family dinner idea. All you have to do is buy dough or a pack of flatbreads, sauce, and a wide range of toppings.

Give your family free rein over their pizza creation and see what they come up with. There's not much you can do to mess up a homemade pizza, so it's almost guaranteed to be delicious if you follow a simple recipe!

Family Game Night Ideas

Host a Talent Show

A talent show is a fantastic way for your family to support each other's skills and passions. Help your kids come up with fun ideas or get some inspiration to get the ball rolling! Make the evening entertaining with a walk-up song and creative introduction for each family member.

Girl playing piano with back to camera

Plan a Regular Game Night

Research has shown that games are essential for healthy development in early childhood and beyond.

Consider planning a regular family game night once per week or month. If you need some new games, check out a list of fun family games to play at home and have your kids pick one out that they want to try.

Mom playing board game with young son and daughter

Family Craft / DIY Night Ideas

At-Home Pottery Kit

Making pottery is a craft that requires a little bit of patience and a lot of creativity. Depending on the clay you use, most pottery pieces must be fired in a kiln to produce the glazed finished product.

With an at-home pottery kit, you’ll have everything you need to make a pinch pot, small plant pot, or candle holder—and you can make your piece right at home! The convenience is definitely worth the price, and this is a perfect rainy day craft for you and your family to enjoy together.

Canvas Painting

Although this can get messy, having a canvas painting night is a great way for your family to get extra creative. Pick up some some blank canvases, acrylic paint, and paint brushes from the store and set up your art studio at your kitchen table or island.

Close up of child painting a sun on paper

Make Paper Crafts

From origami creations to homemade greeting cards and paper chains, there's a lot you can do with a craft supply you probably already have sitting around at home—paper!

Making paper crafts is an engaging family night idea and doesn't require a lot of skill. There are tons of paper folding resources that provide you with inspiration and step-by-step instructions. The options are endless!

Mom and daughter making a paper craft

Family Theme Night Ideas

International Night

Pick a country and spend an evening learning about its history and culture together. Then, enjoy cooking a popular dish from that country for dinner to try something new. This is an engaging and educational opportunity for your kids to learn about a culture outside of their own.

Throwback Night (for Older Kids)

Whether it’s ramen noodles, blueberry pancakes, or hot dogs, cook a meal the kids enjoyed when they were younger. Take turns sharing 2–3 of your favorite memories over dinner and watch home videos afterwards.

Camping Night

There's nothing quite like camping out. Go on a nature walk together around your neighborhood, grill out for dinner, and pitch a tent in your backyard or make a fort in your living room for your kids to sleep in. They'll make so many core memories—even if they don't get much sleep!

Family of 4 putting up a tent in their yard

When it comes to spending quality time with your family, there's so much you can do right at home. All you need to do is make the time, and it will be worth all the effort.

Looking for a holiday-themed family night? Try out one of these new holiday traditions!


Reyna Estrada
Reyna Estrada


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