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Screws, nuts, and bolts strewn everywhere, bikes covered in coats and cobwebs, hopelessly tangled cords: sound like your current garage?

Moving into a new home is a perfect chance to create the perfect garage organization system!

Garage Storage Organization Ideas

The most important thing to remember when organizing your garage is that there really is no right or wrong way to go about it, so think about what your current pain points are and work from there.

Ask yourself what you want for your ideal garage storage:

  • What all do I need to be able to fit in my garage?
  • What will I mainly be using my garage for?
  • What items do I need to reach for the most often?

If your plan is to store things like seasonal decorations and unused furniture as well as vehicles and tools in your garage, you’re going to need a storage system that includes shelving, storage containers, and wall storage.

If you’re using your garage as a home gym as well as some storage, you’ll need to have a storage system for weights, yoga mats, resistance bands, etc.

Home Gym in Garage

If you’re mainly using your garage for cars and the basic items like tools, you’ll be able to get by with some easy wall storage to leave room for getting in and out of the car easily.

Luckily for you, we have solutions for all these scenarios!

Garage Tool Storage Ideas

Whether you consider yourself a handy person or not, every homeowner needs to own a good set of tools.

Garage Tool Organization

One of the easiest solutions for storing tools is a pegboard. This Old House has a list of tool pegboards to browse for your garage and toolset.

“You have to take into consideration how much storage space you need, what hanging accessories come with the pegboard, and how durable the pegboard material is.” – This Old House Reviews Team

For gardening or landscaping tools like a rake or shovel, consider an easy DIY project using PVC pipes and boards. In one easy weekend morning you’ll have a handy and cheap new storage solution!

Garage Storage Shelf Ideas

If you have a longer list of items that need to be stored, invest in durable wall shelves. You can opt for either standalone shelving units or shelves that require wall installation.

Whichever option you choose, spend adequate time measuring your space, the items you want to store on these shelves, and the room that will be left to walk around in after the shelves are installed (and the vehicles are parked inside!).

Garage Shelves

It’s also helpful to use storage containers to organize categories of items on your shelves. Keep painting equipment together, loose tool equipment together, bungee cords together, etc.

Bonus points if you organize items on your shelf alphabetically or order from smallest to largest (because storage can be pretty, too!).

Garage Wall Storage Ideas

In addition to shelving, there are quite a few wall storage options you can enhance your garage with.

Let HGTV introduce you to the wonderful world of garage storage hooks! There is virtually a hook for every garage item you could think of: hoses, screwdrivers, dumbbells, and even wheelbarrows.

It’s important to have a balanced mix of wall storage, from shelves to racks to hooks. This provides a wide range of storage space and options for all your gear.

Garage Wall Organization

Bike Garage Storage Ideas

Choose from a wall rack to a ceiling suspension apparatus to a traditional floor rack and so many other bike storage options.

If you need to figure out a way to store bikes for the whole family don’t despair! There are bike storage solutions that can be scattered across the wall to stagger each one.

If your garage has a closet or attic, utilize these spaces for items that don’t need to be accessed quite as often. Use caution getting boxes in and out of these areas—always have a spotter standing nearby.

Garage With Attic Storage

A final word of garage storage advice: once you’ve determined your organization system, stick to it! Each time you use a tool, finish a weight workout, or swap out seasonal decorations in a box, return that item immediately to its rightful home. Your future self will thank you.

Organizing is a satisfying process! If you’re ready to tackle other spaces in your house, dive into these organization and decluttering tips.


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