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You’ve decided on the perfect floorplan, discussed “what to expect” with your New Home Consultant, and selected quality products you’re happy with in the Design Center, all while the anticipation and excitement builds within you. Time to start the construction process!

A Construction Manager is often noticed behind the scenes directing and supporting others, adhering to timelines, double-checking product orders and installation, working as a liaison between vendors and the buyer, and ensuring—detail-by-detail—that you get the home you so confidently purchased.

In speaking with Steve Tuttle, Construction Manager of the Year, it’s easy to see why his job is crucial in providing a quality product and gives broader insight into what it takes to be a successful Construction Manager.

What made you choose to work for M/I Homes?

I was very impressed with the national presence M/I Homes has and the opportunity to work with some very humble leaders that have been in the industry for a long time. I had not worked for a large company before, so this change was exciting for me.

How long have you been in the construction industry?

I have been in the homebuilding and remodeling industry since I graduated from college, back in 1993. After college and after a year at my first employer, I joined the Air Force and served my country for 4 years. Doing a 105-day tour in Saudi Arabia was one of the highlights. After separating from the Air Force, I went right back into the industry. I was working for a stucco and EIFS contractor in Las Vegas right when the town was the fastest growing town in America. After our son was born, we moved back to Minnesota, which is home, and I continued my career progression in the construction industry.

What made you decide to choose this career path?

When I was in high school, I developed my skills in art and mechanical drawing, which sparked my interest in Architecture, and was initially leaning toward becoming an Architect. I chose a shorter education path to get into the industry quicker and started on my journey to M/I Homes.

What do you enjoy most about being a Construction Manager?

I really enjoy the daily interaction with my team and office support staff, which brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction. I also have thoroughly enjoyed building not just a house, but a home for buyers. Seeing their trust develop in me as a Construction Manager is very rewarding. It makes all the effort, time, sweat, and hard work worth it when they step into their new home upon completion and say “WOW!”

What is your goal as a Construction Manager over the next year?

My goal for the next year is pretty simple. I want to continue to be a humble and kind leader for my team. I seek to develop deeper relationships with my field trade partners and aim to earn remarkable scores on our customer satisfaction surveys.

Has there been a memorable experience with a customer since your time here?

There have been many memorable experiences, from a simple hand-written thank-you note, to homemade treats being delivered, to being invited over to their home after they move in for dinner or to enjoy time together on their patio. It’s extremely rewarding.

What is an average day for you?

Work usually starts around 6:30 or 7:00 am, ending around 4:00 or 5:00 pm. I push my team to always be raising the bar on quality and cleanliness. This happens through daily interaction with my trade partners on the jobsite. It is essential to build those relationships and stay on top of any site-specific issues.

Working behind the scenes on scheduling and paperwork is also a key part of making the build process run smoothly. Sending dozens of emails, fielding about the same number of phone calls, and responding to text messages from trades and owners keep every day unique and full of challenges.

What skillset is important to have to be a successful Construction Manager?

Be humble and teachable, lead by example, be dependable, and most importantly, build trust and rapport with your team and buyers by being honest.


The building industry is one that involves multiple players all working together simultaneously to ensure the construction process is a smooth one for both M/I Homes and the buyer alike. When challenges arise, you can rest assured you have quality Construction Managers on your side, like Steve Tuttle, who not only care about the home they build, but also genuinely seek to guarantee the buyer’s happiness.

Whether it’s throughout the construction process, or at the final walk-through of a completed home, hearing “WOW” when buyers experience the vision of their dream home come to fruition is what M/I Homes aims for.


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Allison Boreen


As Internet Sales Manager in Minneapolis, Allison has been in the real estate industry for nearly 15 years. She has always enjoyed helping buyers find their homes within our numerous communities throughout the Twin Cities. In her free time, Allison enjoys writing, trying new restaurants, and seeing live music, and she uses her innate knowledge of the area to help buyers love their hometown!

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