Welcome to M/I Homes 

A home is more than brick and mortar--more than lumber, drywall, cabinets and appliances. A home is a very special place where your life unfolds and memories are made. You deserve a home that’s been built to last with unmistakable quality and thoughtful design and built by a builder that truly cares. At M/I Homes, we care. We care about our quality, about design, about community, about our customer. Since 1976, we have built over 100,000 homes focused on building a better home.

Our Mission

When our co-founder Irving Schottenstein was asked what he thought was our most important core value, he replied, “Always remember to treat our customers right”. As a result, honesty, integrity and treating our customers right guide all of our actions.

Design Matters

Design is the cornerstone of the M/I Difference. We don’t design for us. We design for you. We conduct extensive research to find out how you live and what you want in your home. That’s why you’ll see the latest trends in home design in our models and floor plans. Every square foot serves a purpose. Every design feature adds to the function and livability of your home.

Whole Home Building Standards

Quite simply, a better-built home

To build a better home, we had to go beyond standard building codes. We even had to go beyond the stringent federal Energy Star® requirements. So, we created our own set of building standards that we call Whole Home. Today, our exclusive Whole Home Building Standards result in a home that’s more energy efficient and has a lower cost to own and operate. From foundation to rooftop and even into the landscaping, we build them to last.

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Whole Home Green Standards

Quality. Savings. Responsibility.

You care about the planet. So do we.  And you care about the money you can save through lower energy costs. That’s why we relentlessly pursue the ultimate, energy-efficient home. We wrap every home in a weather-tight envelope. We seal every seam and caulk every crevice. Then, we have them independently rated to certify the energy savings. For an M/I home, you can save an average of 30% over the cost of a home built to standard code. Our ratings even beat Energy Star® targets.

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Our Design Centers help you realize the possibilities

After you’ve chosen your floor plan, the fun really begins. The interior design, options and finishes let you put your personal imprint on your new home. If it sounds daunting, don’t worry. To help you, we created StyleSmart. It’s a collection of services designed to help you realize your dream. Our StyleSmart Design Centers are full of the latest home vignettes and newest design ideas so you can see how different combinations of options will look in your home. And our StyleSmart Design Specialists will help you coordinate it all.

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Our goal

We want to make sure your American Dream comes true. We want the whole process to be smooth, efficient and exciting. We bring that attitude to work with us every day. And we’re good at it. Since 1976, we’ve delivered more than 100,000 homes to individuals and families just like yours.

M/I Financial, LLC

Financing your home with M/I Financial makes building easier

Financing through M/I Financial is a real M/I Difference. With specific timetables in construction, financing a new home isn’t the same as financing an existing one. With M/I Financial, everyone is on the same page. From building to buying to financing, everyone works together seamlessly to make sure you get the very best rates and the lowest monthly payments possible. And our title and closing services will make your closing quick and convenient. That’s what you get with M/I Financial.

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Warranty Commitment

We stand behind our work

We have one of the best Warranty Commitments in the business. Our One-Year Customer Care Coverage is supported by a team that’s exclusively dedicated to any concerns you might have about the way your home is built, or is operating. It covers you wall-to-wall for a year after the sale. We also provide one of the industry’s leading long-term transferable structural warranties. And, of course, you get the warranty coverage that comes from all of the quality manufacturers’ products we build into your new home.

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That's just the beginning of what makes us better. Visit any M/I community and we'll give you all the details of the M/I Difference.