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Storms can cause havoc, but keeping yourself aware of any storms ahead of time using weather apps and Doppler radar is the first step to care for your property and home. Knowing beforehand how your property could be impacted allows you to be prepared to face any storm aftermath.

It is crucial to search around the exterior of the home to see if any areas might be damaged after the storm has passed.

When you hear about a storm coming towards you, use this list of areas to check around your home and what to do next if you do notice any damage.

What to Do After Storm Damage

Once you are safely able to go outside after a storm and examine your home’s exterior, it’s important to check each of these 5 areas and act quickly should you notice anything amiss.

1. Siding

The National Storm Damage Center states that siding is impacted frequently by winds, hail, or flying debris. It can be as small as a little chip in the siding or cracks that occur on the siding panel.

If you see any siding that was torn, or any piece of the siding that has a hole in it, contact your home insurance agent or a contractor to come fix it. If left for too long this issue could cause additional headaches later.

2. Doors and Windows

Doors and windows can be impacted when intense winds pick up rocks and other debris and carry it across areas, causing chips, holes, cracks, frame damage—or even worse, broken glass, as well as dents onto the door.

You would want to take pictures of the damage, and depending on the home insurance plan you have, you would either contact the company to send a contractor or set up a meeting with a contractor directly.

3. Roof

One sign to know that there's storm damage to the roof is if you see any shingles in your yard from a hailstorm. If you do not feel comfortable with going up on the roof, there are always roof inspectors that will go up there for free and check out any damages.

Roof Shingle Storm Damage

4. Gutters

The gutters are another area that can start to cause issues if the debris is not removed, creating a blockage of water that could cause the gutter to break.

Rain Pouring Out of Gutters

If you do not see the gutters carrying the water away from the home, you should want to safely climb a ladder and see if there is anything obstructing the gutters.

5. Fallen Trees or Branches

With strong thunderstorms comes the increased risk of trees and branches breaking. Marcy Sousa, the Master Gardener Program Coordinator for the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources, suggests always look from the ground up. Here are some of the key things that she says to look for:

  • Leaning trees: these trees could fall at any time
  • Utility wires entangled with branches: contact your utility company ASAP as these can cause power outages
  • Weak or broken branches
  • Dead branches: when these branches fall, they can cause damage if not taken care of properly

If you spot any of these issues after a storm, Marcy advises that you hire an arborist that is certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. You can find a list of Certified Arborists in your area by using Trees Are Good’s Arborist finder.

Broken Tree Branches

What Types of Storms Should I Expect in My Area?

Staying informed about home storm damage means knowing the types of storms that are known to travel through your local area.

Within each region, you have several types of storms that would impact a home differently. Here are resources that cover the regions M/I Homes builds in:

Being prepared for the worst-case scenario and growing your knowledge of the potential risks before the storms allows you to be ready to take necessary action to keep your home safe and functioning properly.

Ready for more great tips on how to properly care for your new home? Get more helpful advice about owning and maintaining your home.


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