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When Christopher Dean was offered a job in Charlotte, NC, he and his wife Laura needed to find a home, and find it quick. Read this new Happy Homeowners Interview to hear about Laura Dean’s home buying experience with M/I Homes!

M/I Homes: Is this your first M/I Home? What convinced you to choose M/I Homes over another builder?

Laura Dean: Yes. My husband got a new job, and we came out here, and we had one weekend to find a house. We felt like the new neighborhood was good, and the location was really good, and we liked the way it looked.

M/I: Are you happy with how your home turned out?

LD: Yeah, we’re totally happy. The location has been so nice, it has kind of a country feel, but it’s five minutes from everything we would need. It’s nice that it’s quiet, and everyone that has moved in has been so nice. We were the first people in the neighborhood, so it’s been fun to meet everyone.

M/I: What features of your home do you especially love?

LD: We bought this house because it has a bedroom downstairs so that we can accommodate our parents well. Our families are both pretty big, and it fit both of them comfortably when they all came to visit. I also like how big the kitchen is; I feel like it really fits a lot of people comfortably. We had everybody over for Thanksgiving, and it didn’t feel like too many people were in the kitchen helping. We didn’t have that feeling where it was like too many people bumping into each other.

M/I: Overall, how was your experience with M/I Homes? Did you build with us, or was this a Quick Move-In home?

LD: This was a Quick Move-In. It was great, and they were really helpful. Anisha has been so nice, and any question or concern we have gets answered or fixed right away. Being the first person in here, a lot of things that weren’t done yet were done either that day or the next day. So, when the mailboxes weren’t set up yet, they set them up that day. Anytime we’ve had something break, they have fixed it immediately, so we don’t have any complaints really.

M/I: Do you have any fun memories about the buying process?

LD: Well, I’m from Utah, and it was my first day in South Carolina. My husband accepted a job in Charlotte, and I’ve never been here, so they flew us out here, and we looked at 30 homes in two days, and it was insane.

It was great to find a home that we were confident about, and it made it a lot easier to move across the country, knowing I was moving into a place that was in a nice area.

M/I: Was there something about your home that made you immediately know you wanted to move in?

LD: I think it was just that we thought the kitchen was really beautiful, we really liked the size of the home, and that it was a new neighborhood. We really liked that everything was new, and there is room for everything that we needed, but it’s not too big. And it’s great that it’s so close to Charlotte; it’s the perfect location and the perfect size, so we loved everything about it.

M/I: What did you like about your community?

LD: Everyone that’s moved in has been really nice, and it’s really quiet. We feel like we’re in the country, but everything we need is 5 minutes away. Everyone is so nice, and all of the businesses around here are great.

M/I: What would you recommend to someone looking for a new home?

LD: I would just tell them that I don’t know if you will have a feeling that it’s really good but trust the process and ask a bunch of questions. With M/I Homes, I felt like we could ask questions, and people knew the answers right away. We looked at other builders, but they didn’t know the answers right away, or they couldn’t tell us about the surrounding area, which was hard for someone who knew nothing, and I had to trust what everyone was saying.

Ask a lot of questions. That’s what I would tell somebody looking for a new home.

M/I: What is your favorite memory in your new home so far?

LD: Thanksgiving was fun; all of my in-laws came up from Alabama. It was fun to have family in our home because I never thought they would be in our home or driving up to stay with us. That was probably my favorite thing, just having all of our family here.

M/I: What is your favorite space in your new home?

LD: I guess our living room, it’s not finished yet, but it’s just really comfortable. I feel like with a new home you’re pretty lucky because everything is so clean so everything you do can feel clean.

M/I: What else would you like to share about your M/I Home buying experience?

LD: Everyone is really responsive and has been really nice. If we had any problems, they would be fixed right away, and they really walked us through how to register everything and how to call about the warranty. Every home has a problem, something is going to break, but it was so easy to get it worked out.

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Deborah Rodrigues
Deborah Rodrigues

Internet Sales Manager

Deborah started at M/I Homes in January 2021. Before her role as an Internet Sales Manager, she assisted home buyers in the Charlotte Metro area as a Sales Associate and the Land Department as a Market Analyst. Originally from Brazil, Deborah moved to the United States with her family when she was nine. She is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. She is married and has two adorable huskies, Loki and Bella. She is very passionate about dogs and hopes to one day be able to start a non-profit for rescues. In her free time, Deborah enjoys spending time with family watching movies or out in the Queen City exploring the many new restaurants. Her favorite part about new home construction is the excitement that comes with new beginnings for buyers. She believes communication is key and is highly motivated about providing her customers with the best experience possible. Reach out today.

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