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Is your living room feeling a little humdrum lately? Do you have decorative pieces that you love individually, but you’re not quite sure how to make them work together? We’ve been there!

Your living room often has a centric point: the coffee table!

Why not use this epicenter as an epic way to play off textures, shapes, colors, and themes in your favorite place to relax! We’ve got living room coffee table décor ideas and inspiration to create a dreamy space you’ll never want to leave.

Wooden Coffee Table Décor Ideas

A wooden piece can make for a stunning focal point in your room, especially if the grade, texture, and color of the wood contrast the other decorative elements in your room.

Glass and Wood Coffee Table

This long, wooden coffee table has more than enough room for stacked books, a candle, and another décor piece or two. Notice how the light wood makes the dark accent wall even more dramatic, but pleasantly draws the eye down to the even lighter area rug.

Wood Coffee Table With Colorful Decor

A wood table doesn’t mean you have to compromise pops of color in your space! In fact, a neutral coffee table lets you play more with colors in the pillows, poufs, and wall art in your living room.

Wood Coffee Table With Textured Base

Wooden tables are usually a great choice if you’re going for more texture in your living room area. Notice the different textures at play here: faux snakeskin accent chairs, multiple throw pillow materials, a textured area rug, and a composite coffee table really add a grand, earthy look to this room.

Glam Coffee Table Décor Ideas

Glam doesn’t mean gaudy or glitzy. If you’re going for a feeling of luxury and extravagance in your living room, these next design ideas are for you.

Dark Coffee Table With Luxury Decor

In this living room we have mixed metals, faux leather accent chairs, calming neutrals, and a gloriously soft area rug. The cherry on top is the coffee table's rich mahogany color, elegant and medieval triangular candle holders, wooden beads, and a couple books to add a third element.

Light and Bright Living Room With Gold Accents

This living space also features mixed metals, but its lighter color scheme really bounces natural light off every nook and cranny. The oversized plant and gold accent piece on the coffee table tie in other elements, such as the understated gold accents in the pillows and wall art and pewter colored lamp.

Living Room With Gold and White Coffee Table

The metal tones in this room match between the legs of the coffee table and the round mirror on the opposite wall. The glam cascades down the walls of this stunningly tall room, dancing off the blues of the sectional and animal print accent chair, and finally skirting around the hexagonal coffee table, polished off by the delicate orchids on top.

Coffee Table Décor Ideas for the DIYer

We asked one of our homeowners for her favorite coffee table decorating tips. Here’s what she had to share:

“My husband and I just built our dream home in Winter Garden, FL with M/I Homes. We chose a boho-modern style so our home could be inviting but still have that wow factor of the design. Every corner is getting special attention as we decorate. So that brings me to my coffee table! We chose the Hudson Coffee Table from Arhaus.

"If you love movie time and need snacks at all times you can purchase decorative jars like I did. I bought mine at HomeGoods.

"If you don’t have a sweet tooth you can also create a mood with candles or potpourri. I love citrus fragrances in the spring/summer and more warm scents such as cinnamon and vanilla in the fall/winter.

"My sister just recently got me into plants, but I have to start simple. Smita Patel at Element in Winter Garden really went out of her way to help me capture my unique style and to combine it with a homey, boho vibe. I had mentioned to her that I was inspired by Waldenfloral and she got it spot on. I now have an optional centerpiece if I want the drama or I can also put it in my entryway on my console table as the focus. I couldn’t be happier with what we came up with.” - Rocio Estrada

Coffee Table Tray Décor Ideas

Decorative trays are definitely trending, and they double as both decorative and functional—lifting everything off your table to dust or wipe it down is definitely an added bonus!

Living Room Wood Coffee Table and Tray

The nice thing about a decorative tray is that it provides a central way to change out smaller décor pieces when the seasons (or your tastes) change! This tray shows how a few wood decorations can both tie in the various tones of your table as well as add to a stack of small books for a pleasing trifecta.

White and Gray Living Room

This bright, cool-toned room is just begging for a movie day. The chrome table and tray coordinate perfectly and mesh with the grays in the couch, rug, and other decorative elements. The spherical décor pieces in the tray further accentuate the unique shape of the coffee table, too!

Neutral Living Room With Dark Coffee Table

It’s almost too satisfying how well this tray fits with the shape and lines in this coffee table. Perfectly centered and with room for virtually any combination of decorative items, this tray is truly tying the whole room together.

Coffee Table Book Design Ideas

With a nod to a long-standing tradition, a few books on your coffee table can really invite relaxation in your living room—before they know it, screens are turned off and members of your family are engrossed in learning about the fjords of Iceland or the history of fashion throughout the years!

Coffee Table With Stacked Books

This coffee table displays a tall vase, slightly shorter bust, a pair of smaller pieces, one thin and one thick book, and a photo frame to draw the eye to the book stack—genius! The variety of book thickness can really make for a more interesting arrangement.

Living Room With Glass Coffee Table

Modern and simple, the transparent decorative items sit at one side of this glass table, while the fanned-out books lie on the other side. If you notice, the books are on the end where it’s more natural to lounge with a good read, versus the accent chairs that are more geared towards visiting with guests.

Large Wood Coffee Table With Stacked Books

Different moods call for different coffee table books and décor ideas. A guest waiting for afternoon coffee to be brought out might be more naturally inclined to flip through an image-heavy, small book, whereas a lazy Saturday afternoon calls for learning something new and immersing oneself in a good book. If your table has enough room, go ahead and place two book stacks!

Round Coffee Table Décor Ideas

Really focus on the shape of the other pieces in your living room if you’re shopping for a new coffee table and table-toppers. If there are already a lot of squares or long shapes in this area, opt for a round coffee table to add a bit of surprise to your guests’ eye.

Green and Blue Sitting Room With Ombre Gray Coffee Table

Decadent greens and blues add a soothing escape in this sitting area, so an ombre gray, round coffee table is just the center table this room needed. Emerald vases and palm leaves tie in the accent pillows and curtain print.

Pink, White, and Tan Living Room

Round doesn’t have to be perfectly round. In fact, a bit of geometric fun can really elevate a room. With various touches of white and gray already found throughout the room, this table, printed in a white brick, adds its own flair and is contrasted beautifully by the warm browns and tans surrounding and topping it.

Unique Coffee Tables

Remember that your coffee table doesn’t have to be bland in order for its decorations to pop. We wanted to leave you with a few unorthodox coffee tables to show how they can really dazzle.

Contrasting Neutral Living Room

Your coffee table can showcase the contrast in your color palette while adding the missing piece your room needs. The creams, dark grays, and natural greens from the plans are singularly unified at this deep brown coffee table with a 360° shape that stretches toward all the large pieces around it, pulling each of them towards the middle.

Living Room With Silver Coffee Table

Swirling patterns on the floors and wall are met with various browns and grays in this lovely room, leaving the coffee table to truly take the cake. This incredible table fits the space perfectly and adds a metallic center point that really brings the surrounding furniture together.

Your living room is getting a major upgrade. Browse even more of our model homes for all the coffee table inspiration you can handle, and show us how you reimagine your coffee table décor in your space!


Aisha Coleman

Have questions about interior design? Looking to take on a DIY home project? Interested in discovering new things to do in your hometown? Ready to learn about the new home construction process? Aisha can help! With over a decade of experience in her role as Internet Sales Manager in M/I Homes of Orlando, Aisha's ready to share a wealth of knowledge on all these topics and more. You can trust Aisha's insights as she is a Florida local and enjoys spending time with family by either traveling or relaxing at one of Florida's many beaches.

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