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Tell me you love games without telling me you love games. Can you do it through tasteful room décor? We say absolutely yes!

Get inspiration for decorating a game room in your home—for any age—that won’t stick out like a sore thumb from the rest of your home’s interior design.

Game Room Décor Ideas

If your home has a flex room that you’re hoping to use as a space the whole family can enjoy, a game room is an excellent idea.

Keeping small game pieces consolidated to one room, sequestering away the noise, and having the space right in your home for family fun nights—all reasons a game room is a perfect addition to your home!

To create a fun space for game nights that doesn’t deviate from the themes of the rest of your home's décor, use these helpful game room design ideas.

How to Decorate a Game Room

To decorate a game room, you’ll want to consider three factors:

  • Which types of games your family most enjoys
  • Color themes to accentuate games and fit your home’s other décor
  • What accessories, gear, and furniture you’ll need

If your family and friends love to sprawl out on the floor over a good game of Monopoly while sharing popcorn or chocolate covered pretzels, you’ll want a big enough open floor space and low-to-the-ground tables to keep those snacks off the carpet.

Have a household of video-gamers? Plush couches or gaming chairs, a nearby mini-fridge, and blackout curtains for the windows are must-haves.

For more of an adult-themed game room space, explore a home bar option to add to your game room so you don’t have to keep running in and out of the room for refills.

Game Room With Bar

Beyond just the basics, there is plenty you can do with furniture arrangements, creative storage options, and a cozy and fun atmosphere.

Our best game room setup tip: keep decorative pieces to a minimum but tables and seating plentiful, and go all out on the TV!

Game Room Wall Décor

Game room decorating ideas for the walls in your home will depend how bold you’re willing to go:

  • Do you already favor bright colors throughout your home? Then go even bigger and bolder in the game room!
  • Keep wall paint and wall décor more on the understated end? Then don’t make your game room suddenly stand out against that. A subtle accent wall is a great option.
Game Room With Accent Wall

Depending on the colors found throughout the rest of your home, your game room’s wall paint can pop a little for a creative and fun vibe. If your home features mostly neutrals, continue that theme and use wall décor to create focal points instead of bright paint colors.

Colorful Game Room With Wall Décor

For more of a media room vibe to combine movie nights and game nights, your wall décor could showcase some themes from family-favorite movies, like characters, colors, or even catch-phrases. This meshes both uses together.

Media Room

Personalized Game Room Décor

To make your game room more unique to your family, make aspects specific to each member the highlights of the space.

Wonderful personalized game room design ideas include displaying a homemade chess set on the center table, highlighting trophies from sports or other championships, or carrying the whole room’s theme around a favorite game or sport, such as baseball.

Baseball-Themed Game Room

Don’t forget to decorate for your gamers’ tastes! Whoever is going to be using this room most should have some say in the overall look and feel.

For younger kids, don’t commit to wall décor for characters or games that they’ll soon grow out of. Make sure each piece is easy to update and rotate out over time.

For room decoration games for girls, opt for her favorite colors or game characters. Create a comfortable space that’s perfect for having friends over.

Playing Video Games

Game Room Décor That Completely Matches the Rest of the Home

To obtain a more elevated look throughout your game room’s decorations, continue the colors found elsewhere in your home. If your game room area is in your basement, for instance, continue board and batten or color themes for a more cohesive look.

Basement Game Room

You can also leave the room’s colors, furniture, and décor all fairly neutral, making it easy to quickly change the room’s usage in the future if you suddenly need a guest suite or home office.

Neutral-Colored Game Room

Or, you could instead display works of art that more uniquely introduce game themes in your game room. Coordinating storage baskets or containers make for a fun way to tie in colors.

Game room art décor also provides a way to inspire creativity in your little ones to show off in this space, so get the ball rolling, but leave some wall or tabletop space for the future!

Game Room With Pops of Color and Wall Art

Comfy seating, convenient storage options, and all the accoutrements for a rowdy night of competitive gaming: you’re ready to show off your game room décor to family and friends! Get ready to wow your guests with these game night planning tips.


Dan O'Malley
Dan O'Malley


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