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Buying a new home is a wonderful, exhilarating process, and I never tire of seeing customers light up as I get to congratulate them on becoming a homeowner.

If you’re getting ready to explore new construction for the first time, here are my top tips to be as confident as possible going into the next steps ahead.

Model Home Open-Concept First Floor

Questions I Recommend Asking During Your Community Tour

You want to make the most out of your community visit, so be sure to add the following questions to your checklist to go over with the onsite New Home Consultant:

  • What sets M/I Homes apart from the rest of the builders?
  • Can you talk me through the upgrades in the model home?
  • What does the homebuilder-client communication look like after going under contract?
  • What does your closing process look like?
  • Do you have an in-house lender?
  • What are the amenities in the community?
  • How are the schools that are zoned to this community?

Additionally, new construction communities can be messy, so wear something comfortable!

Homebuyers Touring Under-Construction Home

My Advice for Your First Model Home Visit

The way you can come prepared to your first model home tour is to have a precise list of what you’re looking for in your future home.

It is common for buyers to focus on and ask what incentives each builder is offering. I would suggest instead starting with floorplans that work for you.

Incentives can be addressed later in the conversation once we know there is a home that could potentially work for them. Buyers who are just strictly making decisions off incentives may miss out on a home that would have been better suited for their family.

Model Home Owner's Bedroom

My job title may be New Home Consultant, but I also say I am a part time matchmaker, as a huge part of my job is to see if we have a home that works for the prospective buyer!

It’s so important that prospective buyers share the details of what they need in their new home, along with some of their wish list items. The more information they are able to share, the easier it will be for me to guide them through the process of finding a home that may work for their family.

New Home Consultant Showing Customer Floorplans

Starting your home buying journey is such an exciting step, and our team at M/I Homes is here to help along every step of the way. Ready to get started? Learn how to nail down the right home for you!


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Since graduating from The University of Oklahoma, Landry cherishes first impressions as he believes they are VITAL in relationships. He believes that in those first few seconds of meeting someone new you can both give and earn respect, while also having the opportunity to pass along joy. He finds smiles to be contagious. He understands buying a new home is a huge decision, and if the buyer is able to find trust and comfort with him in that first conversation, it makes for a great homebuilding experience. His favorite part of the job is handing off the keys to the new happy homeowners, as it’s the moment both parties have been working and striving towards together. Landry and his wife recently welcomed their first child. His interests are sports, YoungLife, and fun socks.

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