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Ranch, 2-story, 5-level-split. There are so many home styles and sizes to choose from!

In addition to making sure you check off all your other wish-list boxes in your next home, figuring out how many levels you need in your home is an important decision.

Find out the benefits of common home designs and sizes and whether a 1-, 2-, or multiple-story home is right for you!

Streetscape of New Homes

Common Home Sizes

The official terms may vary depending on geographical area—take a look at these various ways different regions refer to 1-story homes:

No wonder it can get confusing!

1-Story Home

2- and 3-story homes are also very common for homebuyers, with some areas of the country offering basements that provide the opportunity for additional living space.

Multi-Story Single Family Home

What Type of Home Do Most Homebuyers Prefer?

While you may initially think 1-story homes are only for downsizers or that its layout implies small square footage, this type of home is actually quite common.

According to The National Association of Home Builders’ What Home Buyers Really Want report in 2019, 65% of buyers reported favoring a 1-story home—regardless of their age!

Why is that? With many modern home designs making great use of the open-concept living style, the most frequently used areas of a home are harmoniously united to keep everyone together.

Additionally, main-level living provides many benefits, including seamless flow between rooms, easy laundry trips, and general convenience.

Open-Concept Main Level Interior

That said, there are many benefits to homes with other layouts, too. The majority of homes across the nation are 2-story, according to U.S. Census data, and with the average age of first-time homebuyers in 2022 being 36, a 2-story home may be desirable for space to grow into.

One very sought-after design feature is having the owner’s suite on a separate floor from the secondary bedrooms, allowing additional privacy.

For larger families and homeowners who love to entertain, keeping common areas and living areas separate is attractive to be able to keep guests seeing only the intended areas of a home!

Multi-Story Single Family Home

How to Choose the Right Home Size for You

Have you decided what your must-haves in your next home are? Whether this will be your first or fifth home, this is a crucial first step! Take this quick quiz to nail down what’s most important in your home search.

Next, assess your current living style:

  • What isn’t working?
  • What’s a current limitation?
  • What would you love to have more of?
  • What isn’t a big deal?

Your next home should solve these problems and meet your needs, especially if your household dynamic is changing—whether you plan to grow a family, get a roommate, or become an empty-nester.

Multi-Story Single Family Home

If you don’t have more than 2 household members, do you really need multiple stories? It’s okay if the answer is either yes or no, but it’s definitely worth considering!

You may find that multiple stories enable you to organize your home more easily, such as setting up a home office away from your bedroom and living room, or being able to take in an in-law or repeat house guest comfortably.

Or, you may be at a point where simplicity is key. If you travel a lot or have a busy lifestyle away from home, a 1-level floorplan may suit you best.

Ranch Single Family Home

If you’re still not sure, that’s what we’re here for! We can put together a personalized list of home options for you to explore both virtually and in person to find out how many stories you’ll need in your home. Contact me for a list of homes that can help you find your perfect match!


Deborah Rodrigues
Deborah Rodrigues

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