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For some, buying a home is filled with excitement, joy, and anticipation of the long awaited move-in day. For others, the journey to finding and finally getting moved into a new home means uprooting a family, facing unknowns, and managing multiple moving pieces throughout the process. When a home builder can step in and alleviate some of the uncertainties, home buyers are enabled to focus on family without the stress. Read this new homeowner blog post about how the Dillers’ move to San Antonio was a life-changing decision that resulted in a happy family, and a happy home.

A Family on a Mission

Jennifer Trelles is a dedicated mother of two boys and one girl. As a single mom raising all three kids on her own, she has been fighting a long, uphill battle for over a decade for her son, Sean Diller.

After a medical error caused to Jennifer’s son Sean by doctors when he was born, the family has been in a constant court battle for over 10 years. Trying to purchase a home had been excruciatingly difficult, as the family’s transaction and trust they were working with had to go through the courts.

Sean could not tolerate his feet touching the ground, let alone putting any weight on his feet in order to try to walk or take steps. He was uncomfortable being in public or large crowds, and he never wanted to participate in any of the activities the family tried to find locally. Jennifer knew Sean needed help, so she found TeletonUSA, a one-of-a-kind program with a facility in San Antonio, Texas.

Jennifer signed Sean up to be on the waiting list for this program, and then it was time to wait—to wait for three years. In hopes that Sean would soon get accepted into the program, the Diller family traveled from their home in upstate New York to look at houses for sale in San Antonio, near the program’s facility.

During this very visit, Jennifer received notice that Sean had been accepted into the program! Their initial search for a home quickly became a race to find a home and relocate in order to start right away.

Relocating to San Antonio

Jennifer and her three kids started comparing different homes and builders in the area. What was finally an exciting time for the family was still faced with challenges from several home builders who weren’t willing to sign a contract with them since the family wasn’t able to solidify a close date. But Jennifer didn’t give up.

After her real estate agent, Daniela Moten, helped Jennifer find M/I Homes, she finally felt like her and her family’s needs were being heard. M/I was able to provide the Dillers with a foundation (their home of course) for their new life in Texas! From New Home Consultant Rich, to VPs Jaci and Curtis, to Division President Derek, everyone pulled through to make sure the Dillers didn’t have to battle for a home any longer.

After pairing the Dillers with a Quick Move-In home in Paloma that would be perfect for their family’s size and needs, both M/I Title and Legal worked with the family’s trust and lawyers to get them contracted and closed in no time.

Before she knew it, Jennifer’s three children were making their rooms their own and unpacking their toys and clothes. For once, everything was settling into place for this family.

Finally Feeling Right at Home

After getting settled into their home and starting Sean in his new program, he has gained stronger trunk control, posture, and use of his hands. He is able to put weight on his feet, stand up with assistance, and enjoy participating in fun games with his new friends he has made! Sean’s teacher told Jennifer that several children not even in Sean’s class come to see him and play Minecraft or sing with him. Seeing Sean light up with excitement to see and laugh with his new friends at school has made Jennifer feel so much gratitude and joy.

“I am for once a happy mom,” Jennifer told the M/I Homes team. “Seeing the six short months Sean has progressed tremendously, I cannot wait to see what other accomplishments he will achieve.”


Robert Yarborough
Robert Yarborough


Robert is a native of South Florida and a proud combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He served in both Afghanistan and Iraq during his time in the Corps. After retiring from the military, he made his way to Texas, which he now calls home. As internet Sales Manager in San Antonio, Robert is passionate about helping every family into their new home and goes the extra mile to deliver exceptional customer service. He can help with anything from financing, to information about locations and things to do in the surrounding area, to all things home. In his free time, Robert enjoys spending time with his wife and family, golfing, and fishing on the Texas Gulf coast!

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