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Updated October 2022

Did you know that out of every three homebuyers in Texas, one is a first-timer? It's safe to say that you're not alone in taking the leap to homeownership.

You probably have a hundred questions about where to start, what the process looks like, what your options are, etc. We are here to answer all your questions and are available to help you make those first steps.

For first-time homebuyers, we believe our Smart Series homes are the best and simplest way for you to finally get out of renting and establish your family home.

For answers to some of the top questions about our Smart Series homes, keep reading!

Q: What Is a Smart Series Home?

A: When we created the term Smart Series we didn’t have technology in mind. Instead, we had the idea to base these homes on 3 basic principles to make your journey to homeownership easier and more enjoyable:

  • Smart Process: From start to finish it's quick and easy. Select your home plan and choose your structural options.
  • Smart Design: Professionally chosen design packages take the guesswork out of the design process and guarantee beautiful results. You’ll choose from 10 interior design packages and 12 exterior design packages.
  • Smart Value: Our architectural designs, business process, and pre-selected finishes save you money today, while our homes loaded with energy efficient features will save you money tomorrow and for years to come. With one flat rate for each level of design, you’ll know exactly how much your package will cost.

Q: Do All Home Plans Have the Same Packages to Choose From?

A: Yes! Any home plan you buy within the Smart Series lineup can be personalized to your own unique style using the same set of design packages. We have three different levels of packages, ranging in price and included features. We’ll guarantee a beautifully designed home no matter which plan you choose.

Q: Why Are Your Smart Series Homes More Affordable Than Other Product Lines?

A: When you build in our other product lines, you are responsible for choosing everything that goes into the home from grout color and cabinet style to crown molding and trim.

These options can be not only overwhelming, but they also tend to increase the overall cost of your home, as many options are considered upgrades.

Our Smart Series homes are based around pre-planned design packages that have a set cost for each level!

Q: How Do Your Pre-Planned Design Packages Work?

A: We have 3 different levels of packages to choose from: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each level includes 3 color schemes to choose from as well! No matter which color scheme you pick, the price will be the same within each of the levels.

Each different level comes with added design elements that are not available in the previous level(s).

For example, if you choose one of our Gold packages, you’ll get the following:

  • Granite Countertops
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Your Choice of Cabinet Color
Model Home in San Antonio With Gold Smart Series Package

If you choose one of our Platinum packages, you’ll get everything in the Gold package, plus the following:

  • Ceramic Tile Flooring
  • Kitchen Backsplash
Model Home in San Antonio With Platinum Smart Series Package

In our Diamond packages, you’ll get everything in the Platinum package, plus the following:

  • Wood-Grain Style Tile Flooring
  • A Third Cabinet Color Option
  • Pendant Lights Above the Kitchen Island (per plan)
Model Home in San Antonio With Diamond Smart Series Package

Q: Do All Smart Series Home Plans Come With the Same Package Options?

A: Yes! Our design packages are standard across the board. No matter which home plan you choose or which Smart Series community you build in, you’ll get the same design package options.

Q: Can I Mix and Match Items from Each Package?

A: No. To keep our packages affordable, we do not allow mixing and matching. If you choose Gold Package A, you will only receive the items shown in that specific package.

For example, you cannot take the wood-grain tile from the Diamond packages and apply it to a Platinum or Gold package. Additionally, you cannot swap elements from within the same level, either. For example, you cannot take the granite from Platinum B and apply it to Platinum A.

Q: What Can I Customize in A Smart Series Home?

A: All our Smart Series home plans come with upgrade options such as bay windows, covered patios, and deluxe bathrooms. Many of our plans even come with the option to add extra bedrooms and bathrooms, game rooms, and media rooms!

While you are not able to fully customize the home by adding things like extra windows or moving walls, there are still plenty of opportunities to make these homes fit your unique style and needs.

Q: What Is the Process of Building a Smart Series Home?

Get Pre-Approved

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll want to apply for a mortgage through M/I Financial, LLC and get a general idea of what your budget can be.

Getting pre-approved is a quick and simple process! We created a detailed breakdown of the mortgage process and a list of FAQs regarding M/I Financial, our loan options, and more.

Choose Your Home With a New Home Consultant

Meet with your New Home Consultant to choose your homesite, home plan, upgrade options, and design package. Then, sign your contract and submit your earnest money!

Navigate the Construction Process With Your Construction Manager

Have a pre-start meeting, aka Builder-Buyer Conference, with your personal Construction Manager.

In this meeting your Construction Manager will cover every inch of your new home blueprints, answer any questions you may have, and talk to you about the next few meetings you’ll need to schedule.

Once your new home has been framed, you’ll meet with your Construction Manager again to walk the home. You will get a thorough breakdown of the electrical and plumbing plans and any other behind-the-scenes items (think insulation, ventilation, etc.).

Once your new home is complete, you will meet one last time with your Construction Manager at your New Home Orientation meeting. Here you will walk the completed home (you should expect to see your home roughly 95% complete during this meeting). If you have any final questions or concerns before your close date, this is the meeting to bring those up to ensure everything is taken care of before you close!

Close on Your New Home

The last step to the process is closing day! You’ll meet with an escrow officer to sign all the necessary documents and receive your keys to your new home. Once all your t’s are crossed and your i’s are dotted, you’ll be a brand new homeowner!

Q: How Do I Get Started?

A: The best and easiest way to get started is to contact me directly. We’ll talk through your budget, what part of town you are looking for, and any other requirements you may have.

From there, I’ll be able to match you to one or more of our communities and set you up with our on-site New Home Consultants to start the process.

Now you’re ready to take the next steps to homeownership! If you have additional questions, or you want to set up an appointment to get started, contact me today and I can guide you to your future dream home.

*This information is specific to the San Antonio region and is subject to change. Offers, incentives, programs, and other information mentioned in the above may not be available in other areas.


Robert Yarborough
Robert Yarborough


Robert is a native of South Florida and a proud combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He served in both Afghanistan and Iraq during his time in the Corps. After retiring from the military, he made his way to Texas, which he now calls home. As internet Sales Manager in San Antonio, Robert is passionate about helping every family into their new home and goes the extra mile to deliver exceptional customer service. He can help with anything from financing, to information about locations and things to do in the surrounding area, to all things home. In his free time, Robert enjoys spending time with his wife and family, golfing, and fishing on the Texas Gulf coast!

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