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Looking for some throw pillow inspiration? Well, our model home decorators know what they’re doing. We’re star-struck over these throw pillows featured in our model homes throughout our 15 markets.

Take a peek for yourself and browse through each full model home for the comfiest room ideas!

Our Favorite Throw Pillow Ideas

What a cute little accent for that little one in your family who is reaching for the stars as life unfolds!

Star Throw Pillow

Sometimes, in order to create that perfect aesthetic, you need not one, but many different pillows. Play with textures, patterns, combinations, and arrangements to tie the colors and themes of your room together.

Mix and Match Throw Pillows

We’re inspired by the Western/Aztec themes going on in this loft space, and the Western-style throw pillows just grab the eye! If you do opt for a striking pattern like this, make sure to intermingle a few solid pillow shams as shown, too.

Western Style Throw Pillows

If you’re like us, every throw pillow must be felt, hugged, squished, and cuddled. Give your guests something to experience tangibly as they visit!

Textured Throw Pillows

If you’re one of those people who makes fun of beds with tons of pillows on them, skip this one! But, we’re actually obsessed with all the comforts of this spacious owner’s suite, including the fact that the bench has its own set of pillows as well as the bed.

Throw Pillows

The moment you arrive home, you want to feel that immediate sense of relaxation. What better way to leave your busyness behind and unwind with these adorable tie-dye pillows!

Tie-Dye Throw Pillows

A neutral bedroom makes for the perfect backdrop for any season’s accents, but these floral accent pillows are the summer vibes we’re all about.

Floral Fusion Throw Pillows

If you’re all about symmetry in your interior décor, find inspiration in this lovely living room with perfectly mirrored accent pillows.

Mirrored Throw Pillows

Imagine the perfect slumber party in this room—giggles over games, posh pedicures, and, of course, a movie marathon! These soft and plush pillows give guests multiple options to get comfy on a cozy Friday night.

Soft Pink Throw Pillows

Interior décor is for personality expression—and we just know the next rocket scientist in your family will get his or her next brilliant idea while lying back and gazing off into the stars with these pillows that pop.

Primary Colors Throw Pillows

Still figuring out your perfect room aesthetic? Take our interior decorating quiz to get paired with your perfect décor style. Then find the perfect throw pillows for your room design!

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Erica Lopez
Erica Lopez


Erica has over a decade of experience in residential design, and came to M/I Homes in 2017 to head our brand new Houston Design Center. A Houston area native, Erica and her husband Adam currently live in the Tomball area with their daughter and 2 dogs. Around the design center, Erica can be heard laughing with homebuyers and excitedly explaining selections that would work for our customer’s personal style. Knowledgeable about all facets of interior design, Erica is constantly keeping up with the latest products and trends.

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