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Home Office Hacks

October 17, 2022

For a polished, yet comfortable work-from-home setup, decorate your home office with these 5 hacks! Read More »

How Cool Are These Loft Spaces?

November 11, 2021

Let your imagination soar with these decorated loft designs in our model homes! Read More »

How to Create a Harmonious Working Environment in Your New Home

January 20, 2021

Guest Blogger Laura May is here to share words of wisdom to keep your home work life productive (and sane). Plan your at-home work space with these tips! Read More »

flexABILITY: Home Plans for Today and Tomorrow

November 5, 2020

Spending a lot of time at home? Realizing new needs for additional space and functionality? We'll answer the common question "What is a flex room?" and give you inspiration for using this versatile room in your home! Read More »

Creating Your New Home Office in the Zoom Age

May 28, 2020

You might be making sure YOU look Zoom ready, but does your home office? From aesthetics to technology, these tips will make your work-from-home life so much easier. Read More »

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