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​When deciding to transition to a new home, flexibility means more today than ever before. As we spend more time at home, we are noticing all the shortfalls of our current space, which feature are working and which are not, and all the problems with our space that can’t be solved.

The Flex Room

​Why is this one room in a home so versatile and crucial? More and more we hear these stories:

  • I’m working from home and have my “office” set up on the dining room table – bye-bye, productivity…
  • My college kid/parents/family member will be moving in with us – it’s a battle royale
  • I have the treadmill and yoga ball set up in a tiny corner of my bedroom – so long peaceful sanctuary
  • My office space is doubling as my kids’ classroom and I can’t hear myself think – cue the children’s unprofessional cameos on my daily Zoom calls
  • I wish I had space at home for a great meal and a private movie night

​Sound familiar? Have you caught yourself thinking or saying out loud (multiple times, even) one or more of those scenarios? Does this really have to be our “new normal?” None of those sounds like situations anybody wants to stay in for any length of time. Having the proper space is so important, not just for how you live your life, but for your wellbeing and sanity as well.

Home means so much more than just a house. As many of us have found, it has to be our school, our playground, our office, and our gym. Now, as our homes are required to serve multiple functions, flexibility in home design and floorplan is more important than ever!

​Christy Scanlon, President and COO of Masterpiece Design Group of Winter Park reflects, “I think from a design standpoint, for buyers we are seeing two major wants: the ability to organize in larger storage spaces and flexible floorplans that offer ‘free’ space.”

​M/I Homes recognizes that our customers are in the market for homes that have flex spaces and optional layouts which can give them the space they need—not only now, but also to grow in to. What would you do with extra space in your home?

What to Do With the Extra Space in Your House

​By selecting a plan that has more rooms or flexible space, everyone and every task can have its own designated area/purpose.

​What is a flex room? A flex room or extra bedroom could be:

  • A true home office that can be both functional and comfortable to promote productivity
  • A classroom as a designated quiet space to promote learning away from distractions
  • A home yoga studio – because a healthy and well balanced life is everything
  • A hobby room to use as an outlet: craft room, art studio, game room, play room

​Home can afford you the space you need for your day-to-day life! Another option for what to do with extra space is a mud room or drop zone. This helpful space can create a dedicated place to leave shoes and bags, rather than dragging them through the home. A slop sink is perfect for hand washing and disinfecting before truly entering the home as well.

​Functional kitchens are in demand as we stay in and use this space more and more. Big pantries allow us to stock up while limiting making a trip out.

Keeping the kids occupied becomes much easier when they have their own space that they enjoy. A play room helps keep the toys easy to reach but out of the way, and noise is held to a minimum for others trying to work in other areas of the house.

​Outdoor spaces allow us to get much needed Vitamin D while staying safe (and maybe try your hand at a small garden).

​Creating dedicated, private spaces is what it’s all about! By selecting from our list of optional adjustments at the start of the building process, you can personalize your home to fit your exact needs:

  • Adding doors to otherwise open flex rooms – think home office or library
  • Creating second owner’s suites – for the in-laws or college-aged child coming home
  • Converting garage space to a living area – adding space to function as a home gym
  • Turning flex space into bedrooms – so each family member has his or her own getaway, or use as a classroom space
  • Add an extra bath – so fewer family members are forced to use the same spaces
  • Bonus rooms – home theatre for the latest release? Play room to hide and contain the toys? Spot for your latest Pinterest project? Art or craft studio to release the creative juices?

​There’s no doubt that our lives have changed in recent months, but there is no reason that our homes can’t be that one constant—our sanctuary.

​As you begin transitioning to your new normal, and decide what you’ll do with extra space, check out how our flex-able floorplans and innovative home designs will help you make your new adaptations easy, preparing you for today and tomorrow.


Bruce Borden


Bruce has been with M/I Homes for over 20 years, has been the National Customer Experience Manager for over 10 years, and has been in the home building industry for over 30 years. Happily married and a proud father, Bruce enjoys outdoor activities and home improvement projects, and has never met someone he didn't like.

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