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Exclusive Whole Home Building Standards: A Better-Built Home

There’s standard building code, and then there’s M/I. We only want to build homes that we’d want to live in ourselves. And we had to create better building standards of our own to do it.


Built into every M/I Home in Indianapolis

From the very beginning, it’s been our goal to build a better home with the features and benefits that give you confidence and lasting value. We employ the latest techniques in building science, even creating our own building standards that improve upon standard code. From foundation to rooftop, from wall to wall, we’re constantly striving to give our homeowners the very best in solid, sound, energy efficient living. For more than 40 years, homeowners have counted on M/I Homes for quality, integrity, trust, and care. You can, too.

California Corners

Our framing includes what’s known as “California Corners.” This technique allows us to insulate all the way into the corners, so they’re as energy efficient as the rest of your home.

Bryant® High Efficiency Furnace

Whether gas or electric, this system provides maximum efficiency, lowering your heating and cooling bills.

Ladder Wall Framing

Ladder framing gives you more space in the wall for more insulation. We use what engineers call OVE, or Optimal Value Engineering.

PEX-A Plumbing

Even flow water pressure resists leaks. It expands with hot and cold temperatures.

Upgraded Synthetic Roof Underlayment

This synthetic product is leading the industry in roof underlayment. It provides a backing for your roof shingles that’s 12 times stronger than conventional construction.

100% Whole Home Certified

Independent testing determines the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Score for every M/I home. This will tell you how much energy you can save compared to standard building code.

2x4 Construction

By framing exterior walls with 2x4s, your home is stronger and sturdier.

Thicker Insulation

R39 Insulation is blown approximately 12 1/2" deep in the attic of your home.

MERV 8 Filter

Breathe easy with cleaner air. This filter helps eliminate dust, lint, pet dander and pollen.

Quality Inspection Plaque

We’re proud of our work, so we sign it.

Zip Board®

This one-of-a-kind structural system has a built-in, energy-efficient barrier that keeps the elements out and comfort in. It saves on energy costs, too.


Our Commitment to Energy Efficient Living

Our method's result is a weather-tight, energy efficient home with a lower cost of ownership. You’ll save as much as 30% on your energy bills compared to a home built to standard code. And that’s just the beginning. Our standards encompass everything in and around your home. And we do it all while being environmentally responsible.

The Whole Home Envelope

Every home is wrapped in a weather-tight envelope that keeps weather out and comfort in. We seal every seam, and caulk every crevice. No matter what the season, you’ll be comfortable. And you’ll feel even more comfortable with your lower energy bills.

Energy Efficiency

Higher standards and cost savings versus older homes*
CFL or LED bulbs promote a healthy home environment
Less energy usage required to cool and heat your home
Voids are filled, and seams are sealed
* Savings are proven by independent third party testing


Clean air is recycled throughout for a healthy home
Whole Home systems radically reduce particulates and airborne allergens
Paints and sealants are low VOC


Low-flow shower heads, faucets and toilets conserve water
State-of-the-art flexible piping for more direct water lines*
Reduced amount of impurity build-up
* In certain regions


Sustainability Responsible, environmentally friendly materials sourced throughout a Whole Home
Reduction of environmental footprint

The HERS® Index. Lower is better.

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS®) is the national standard for energy efficiency. A lower HERS® Index Score means lower energy costs.

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Annual energy costs and annual savings are estimations based on the calculated HERS® Index per this floorplan versus a RESNET standard for resale homes. The HERS® Index follows RESNET standards for certified 3rd party raters to follow.

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