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Considering a new focal point for your space? The latest round of trendy home additions has brought us the charmingly sleek barn door option, a cross between a room divider and a true door.

While they may all seem to mimic the same style, barn doors are quite diverse and can be paired with many different furnishings and decor. Before you decide to install one of your own, take a look through these four options to pick the perfect barn door for your space.

Reliably Rustic

The right rustic design can appear lovingly worn-in, cozy, and when well applied, it’s the quintessential barn door style. If you’ve been leaning towards earthy elements juxtaposed with copper-hewn metals, you might consider your taste to be rustic, and a matching barn door is the perfect choice to unify your home’s design.

To complement your signature style, we suggest incorporating a barn door with unfinished wood and matte black hardware. Installing an unfinished barn door allows you to stain it to your desired warmth, or paint it for a more whimsical effect. Matte black hardware details add masculinity and uniqueness, making it the perfect pairing for a relaxed and rustic home.

Reclaimed Revival

Not to be confused with rustic, reclaimed doors are all about recycling and reusing. If your style focuses on re-sourcing decor and furniture from consignment stores, auctions, and helpful friends, a reclaimed barn door might be the cherry on top of your upcycled style.

Sustainably designed, reclaimed barn doors use recycled wood from previous buildings or furnishings to create a charming style. Add a bit of history to the design of your home by incorporating a door manufactured with old beams, boards, and baubles.

We love the way a reclaimed barn door looks with gray-stained steel hardware. Complement your sustainably styled room with contemporary decor like abstract art for a balanced look.

Oh So Sleek

Modern style is all the rage. Sharp lines, stark contrast, and conflicting textures build on one another to create a perfectly polished look that beautifully complements a streamlined barn door.

We suggest choosing a door with a smooth surface for an industrial feel. A bright white door is eye-catching, and it harmonizes well with any surrounding decor. Stainless steel or brushed nickel hardware will accent the simplified frame.

Totally Transitional

Is your style a combination between old and new, streamlined and soft? The transitional look is a perfect mixture of traditional and modern, showing off sleek fixtures and tufted furnishings.

If you’re looking to finish your room’s design with a barn door, we suggest using faux reclaimed wood to balance the contrasting elements in your home. The rough-hewn texture paired with light and dark staining creates a versatile styling element.

Pair your transitional door with arrow-style hardware in a brushed bronze finish to bring the look full circle. Because transitional style is so varied, complementing your new barn door with decor is easy. We love mixing textures in transitional spaces to achieve balance and flow.

If you need more barn door design inspiration, check out this slideshow from Home Depot on A barn door can be a charming addition to any house, and there are plenty of styles to choose from. Which look is the right one for you?


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