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​If you have a room that features a gorgeous skylight, you already know its wonderful benefits—natural light pouring into your room every morning and a gorgeous view of the starry sky at night. If you’re considering adding one to your home, it will considerably brighten up your space. However, you might realize it can be tricky styling a room with a skylight for several reasons:

  • You can’t control how the light is shown and reflected in your space.
  • The window could have been constructed very traditionally, but your style is contemporary (or vice versa).
  • You just don’t know how to emphasize the beauty of your skylight.

Luckily, we have the answers for a chic and elegant space. Here are four ways to play up your room’s greatest feature.

Clean and Simple

If you have a skylight in your bedroom, your style should be very minimalistic to emphasize the gorgeousness of the skylight. Consider opting for matte floors and surfaces, so as not to reflect too much of the incoming light. Play up the brightness of the room with white, plush fabrics and make sure to keep all surfaces sparkling clean so that the excess sunlight doesn’t highlight any dusty areas. If there is an adjoining bathroom, keep countertops and floors bright and neutral.

Open and Organic

If your skylight is in a more public area, like the living room or entryway, opt for an organic setup. Consider showing off or installing exposed beams and rustic wood elements to play up the natural effects of the skylight. Skylights help to provide a visual connection to the exterior of your home, so make sure any trees or greenery that may hang overhead are well-manicured and picture-perfect for you and your guests to admire. Finally, bring the outdoors in by accessorizing with floor and table lamps and natural elements like stone, wood and concrete.

Bright and Colorful

Emphasize the natural lighting in your space by adding colorful accessories throughout the room. Bright green, fuchsia and blue are great mood-boosting colors that look great under natural lighting. Pick patterns and textures that show off the bright colors on upholstered furniture and woven textiles like rugs and wall coverings. Keep decor to a minimum, though, so as not to take away from the natural beauty of the skylight.

Private Paradise

A great, creative way to utilize skylights is in the bathroom. While regular windows may impede on your privacy and become dirty or hard to clean due to water damage, skylights offer a private view with lots of natural light to spill in and illuminate your space. A skylight is particularly stunning when installed over a shower or bathtub for an ethereal glow in the evening and energizing warmth in the morning. If you are unable to open your skylight, be sure to install a fan to vent the steam from your shower.

Now that you’ve read up on a few of our favorite ways to incorporate accessories and decorating strategies into a space with a skylight, how would you style your own skylight?


Kerrie Kelly


Kerrie Kelly from Kerrie Kelly Design Labs is an interior designer who writes for The Home Depot about kitchen design. She loves to provide advice on a myriad of topics such as “how to make your kitchen feel more open.” To get some more inspiration and kitchen design ideas, visit

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