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It’s easier than ever to design your ideal home—as long as you know what items and furniture pair best together and how to work them into what you already have. The kitchen is a space where we spend lots of time, but is sometimes ignored when it comes to the details of proper pairing, because we often buy our appliances, furniture, and accessories at different times.

Get inspired for your kitchen revamp by taking a look at a few of our favorite styles: modern, traditional, and craftsman. Read on for the perfect pairings of cabinetry, countertops, and fixtures to achieve your dream kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Design

Sleek and Sinuous

Choose flat panel doors for a clean, minimalistic cabinet design.

Brushed steel or silver cabinet hardware adds a glamorous touch to a contemporary kitchen style.

For countertops, opt for a shiny concrete surface or soapstone for an edgy impression.

A single-basin sink looks clean and contemporary when paired with light and bright surroundings.

Top off the look with organic elements like teak bar stools and assorted greenery.

Sophisticated and Simple

One word: marble. Marble countertops instantly update any space and add a super chic element to the kitchen. We love the look of a sleek white and gray marbled countertop, or for something more contemporary, opt for a black marble.

A contemporary take on shaker-style cabinet doors is the perfect addition to a modern kitchen. The mitered doorframes and recessed center panel add dimension to an otherwise flat room.

Spice up your sink with an interesting faucet design, like a high-arc or gooseneck shape. Choose either a single or double basin rectangular sink and add design elements that complement the lighting or cabinet hardware.

Speaking of hardware, opt for a vertical pull-handle in bright nickel on the cabinets for ease of access with an elegant touch.

Traditional Kitchen Design

Warm and Welcoming

Look for raised panel cabinet doors with elaborate accent moldings.

Further enhance your classic design by opting for a warm finish or stain on your cabinets.

Consider dark metal hardware, such as pewter, for an elegant accent.

In a traditional kitchen, the sink is usually light and bright to offset the warmth of the space. Choose a bridge-style faucet and matching hardware in nickel or stainless steel for a simple and elegant silhouette.

Finish your classic design by installing a textural backsplash for added interest and dimension.

Clean and Classic

A durable, bright white finish on raised panel cabinet doors is the epitome of a tried-and-true traditional kitchen.

Opt for apron-front sinks and a clean white double-basin silhouette with an elegant faucet.

Architectural elements like legs on a sink-wall base draw the eye towards subtle sophisticated details associated with a classic kitchen setting.

Choose a light and bright countertop like white and gray marble for airiness.

Add an extra element of interest by extending the countertop into a unique backsplash.

Craftsman and Mission-Style Kitchen Design

Rustic and Refined

Semi-elaborate door and drawer fronts are a characteristic of craftsman style. Choose a simple door with an intricate inlay to bump up the design factor.

Darker cabinet hardware looks best in a rustically styled kitchen. Opt for nickel or bronze hardware fixtures as a simple and straightforward complement to the elaborate door design.

Granite and soapstone are perfect countertop pairings for a craftsman kitchen. Dark, earthy colors are a go-to for this style.

Add a home-sweet-home touch with a few glass-front cabinet doors sprinkled throughout the space.

Crafty and Curated

Honey-stained cabinetry is perfect for a craftsman kitchen. Pick your favorite detailed, raised-panels and pair them with patina cabinet hardware.

An ideal craftsman-styled kitchen is home to a natural stone countertop. Choose a clay-colored marble, granite or quartz to top off your space.

Don’t forget the details! Furniture-like legs added to a kitchen island or a customized wine rack can lend just the right amount of interest.

Bring the look full circle with streamlined appliances in brushed metal for a modest and muted look.

If your style is cool and contemporary, don’t be afraid to add classic elements to offset the crisp lines and distinct minimalism. Is traditional and tailored more your speed?

Integrate abstract art or modern details for a twist on your classic style. If a curated craftsman look is what you’re used to, consider mixing in traditional decor for perfect design balance. What are your favorite kitchen style pairings?


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