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No matter how long your day was, you can always rely on your bedroom to be a place of refuge. It’s where you are the most relaxed and comfortable, and we spend eight hours each day there. Knowing how important your bedroom is, don't you want to feel inspired by it every morning?

Having bedroom décor that you love will help you wake up feeling great, like you’re ready to take on whatever may come your way. Luckily, it doesn’t take an entire remodel or complete refurnishing to transform your bedroom in a big way. Here are a few simple DIY tricks to spice up your bedroom décor.

Paint a Bold Accent Wall

Accent Wall

A big pop of color can really add some flair to your bedroom. If you’re like me, it's going to take you longer to choose a color than to actually do the painting! I suggest cool, calming colors, such as a bold grey, muted green, or navy blue. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try painting a two-tone wall. Be sure to paint the lighter color on the top portion to draw eyes upward, and make the room feel bigger and more open.

Put Up Chic Wallpaper


The removable wallpaper of today is bolder and more exciting than the wallpaper you remember from your grandparents’ house. There are thousands of cool, unique options to choose from, and it’s easy to remove and replace when you’re ready to switch it up.

Hang Shiplap or Wood Plank

Wood Plank

Hanging either shiplap or wood plank can immediately give your bedroom cozy farmhouse vibes. You could even hang a refurbished barn door behind your headboard to create a warm, natural elegance for the whole room. This idea takes a bit more time, but you can have it up in a weekend if you’re dedicated. I personally love dark, rustic wood paneling for creating a natural, inviting feel.

Lay Down a Cozy Area Rug


Putting a large area rug on your floor will instantly make your bedroom appear bigger and cozier. No need to worry if you have carpeting - this look is great on any type of flooring! Make sure it’s big enough to at least partially tuck under your bed and other nearby furniture, like that cute, stylish bench at the foot of your bed.

Create a Gallery Wall


This is a fantastic way to let that personality of yours shine. Use a mix of photos and paintings, with different frames for each, to create a funky, artistic vibe. If you want to make a certain piece of bedroom furniture (like a desk or lamp) look more stylish, hang the largest piece in your gallery wall directly behind it. A similar idea is to use honeycomb shelves, which are cheap to buy (or relatively simple to build), for a trendy, non-symmetrical look that is both functional and interesting.

Go Green!


Nothing freshens a room like lush, green plants. Even a small vase filled with pretty flowers on a nightstand can bring a natural warmth to your bedroom. From large and sprawling, to tiny and cute, there’s a huge variety of options to choose between. If you don’t have a green thumb, pick a few different types of succulents, which only need minimal care to thrive. Be sure to get animal-friendly plants if you have pets in the home!

Make Space for a Reading Nook


Your bedroom will feel brand-new with a comfortable chair, a standing lamp, and a good book. Or, add a small end-table or even a bookshelf to bring even more life to this area. Arranging your bookshelf is a great way show a bit of your personal style, and if you have a TV in the room, it will keep that from being the focal point. Hopefully it will also remind you to ditch the smartphone before bedtime (which is definitely a good thing).


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