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​One of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences you can have during your new home construction with M/I Homes is within our Design Studio. The ability to select options and upgrades provides you a chance to personalize your new home to fit your lifestyle.

​With the guidance of one of our Design Consultants, you will choose everything from cabinets to flooring to fixtures, designing a home that matches your style and needs. You will even have the opportunity to add low voltage and electrical upgrades during the design process. The Design Studio is truly where the vision for your new home begins.

When Will My Design Consultation Be Scheduled?

​You will schedule your Design Studio meeting with your New Home Consultant as a part of your contract process. In order to prepare for your appointment, once your contract is approved by our sales management team, you will be sent a link to our online Design Studio platform. With this, you can view various design options and even put items into a wish list for your upcoming design meeting.

What Is Involved in My Design Studio Appointment?

​The number of hours spent at the Design Studio varies per series of home and will be listed in your contract. All first Design Studio meetings are 3-4 hours in length. Trust us: this time flies because we’re having so much fun! Our appointment times are at either 9:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

​All low voltage selections are complete at the conclusion of that meeting. Most buyers complete their design selections at their first meeting but a few find they need a short follow-up appointment to wrap things up. If you do need a follow-up meeting, your designer will be happy to schedule that with you at the end of your first design appointment.

What Do I Need to Do for My Appointment?

​To prepare for your Design Studio appointment and set the stage for a smooth process, we strongly recommend the following for your home design checklist:

  • Set a budget. This is very important. Upgrades can add up quickly in the Design Studio, and M/I requires a full deposit on design upgrades in excess of a percentage of your base home price (refer to contract for details). If you establish a budget ahead of time, you can avoid unnecessary stress.
  • Review included options. Your New Home Consultant should provide you our extensive included options, and included options with a choice, at your time of contract.
  • Review your price list. M/I Homes provides you with a comprehensive, plan-specific price list to aid you in establishing your budget and deciding which upgrades are right for you.
  • Determine your priorities. After reviewing the included options and the prices for upgrades, a key step in preparing for your Design Studio appointment is to make decisions on what your top design priorities are. The biggest areas to consider would be stained vs. painted cabinetry, types of flooring in certain locations (tile, wood, etc.), and granite vs. quartz countertops. Knowing the potential costs of these upgrades and determining what is most important to you before arriving for your meeting makes for a more efficient use of your design time, thereby relieving some of the pressure associated with decision overload.
  • Create a color palette. Knowing the color palette for your new home and your desired design style gives you a good starting point and aids your designer in guiding your design decisions. There are some fantastic online visual tools available, such as Pinterest and Houzz, for this purpose.

​Need more design ideas or tips for your new home? You can learn more about the M/I Homes of Austin Design Studio and contact our team for more information. Welcome to better design at M/I Homes.


Jessie Stephens
Jessie Stephens


Jessie began working in the M/I Homes Austin Design Studio in the spring of 2016. She has 13+ years of experience working with new homebuyers, helping make their new home design dreams come true. She graduated from Texas State University with a bachelor's degree in Interior Design. As the Design Studio Manager she is able to utilize her knowledge of the industry and design to ensure new homeowners enjoy the exciting process of selecting their interior finishes. Jessie enjoys entertaining her family and friends with gatherings both small and large. She also loves live music, especially outdoors.

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