In the time I’ve been in this business, I’ve had the honor of not just selling homes, but building communities.

Sometimes I’m just a quiet observer; sometimes I make it happen as kids meet and become best friends and romances that turn into marriages start. On more than one occasion I had the honor of introducing neighbors and I know there will be lots of weekend BBQs in their future.

I’ve seen a new widow, scared and starting over, welcomed into a group of other widows with open arms. I saw a dad with 4 kids recently devastated when his wife suddenly walked out, finally exhale when I put the keys to his new home in his hand and it dawned on him for the first time that it would all be ok.

These are the moments that stick with me.

It’s not about which bathtub or kitchen package someone wants, though that’s fun too. Helping people find their home is a human experience, that goes beyond brick and stone.

I was straightening up the model recently and had just put fresh flowers on the dining table when a couple walked in. I gave them a few minutes to look around and was putting put finishing touches on the arrangement when the woman turned to her husband and said, “Honey, I don’t need air to breathe; I need this house.”

I’m commonly a silent observer of these conversations and it wasn’t my time to speak yet, so I just pondered that. At first the comment struck me as odd, but as I polished a wine glass before placing it back on the table, I realized I knew exactly what she meant. Air fuels the body, but a home feeds the soul.

Sometimes a yearning for home—be it one you’re absent from, or one you’ve only walked through in your dream—can become a physical ache.

When I peeked over at her face, she did indeed appear to be holding her breath. I put the glass back on the table and went about the job of finding out if could make this happen for them.

Whenever I see this look on someone’s face, I almost want it for them as much as they do, and I’ve been honored to help make that happen for many people.

It’s not just about the creation of a house, but a community that will be there long after I’m gone. What an honor.

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Ursula Whitworth
Ursula Whitworth


Ursula Whitworth is a New Home Consultant for M/I Homes – Austin. She has been in new home sales for 17 years and has been with M/I Homes since 2013. In a city such as Austin where there are fewer and fewer locals, she is proud to say she has lived here since she was a small child. She has six cats (foster fails, don’t judge) and spends her free time taking pictures of the few flowers in her garden she actually remembered to water. She has been married to her husband for 27 years and has three daughters and two grandsons.