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Create the Perfect Place for Kids to Dream and Play

July 23, 2016

Create a space your kids will love making memories in within your home with bright colors, inspiring decor, and comfortable essentials. Read More »

5 Home Upgrades that Attract Current Homebuyers

July 10, 2014

There is no tell-all guide for homeowners to consult before putting their houses up for sale. Certain renovations hold greater appeal for prospective homebuyers than others. Trending designs and popular renovations can help homes stand out in competitive real estate markets. Consider these five upgrades before listing homes on the market. Read More »

Set the Scene for a Stress-Free Holiday Visit

December 13, 2013

The holiday season is approaching, and your house is likely to swell with guests. While all that shared eggnog may lead to many happy memories, having guests (or being one) isn’t necessarily an entirely blissful experience. Here’s how you can design a space that keeps guests and the host equally happy. Read More »

DIY Headboards

January 25, 2013

Get ideas to make a DIY headboard to create visual interest, tie together multiple elements, and make a bedroom look complete. Read More »

Cozy Beds for Winter in Your M/I Home

January 24, 2013

We gathered up some of our favorite beds that would be a great fit for any M/I Home. Read More »

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