How to Make a Home Picture-Perfect

January 17, 2013

Find out how to take the most effective photos for staging your home for sale. Read More »

Prevent Heavy Snow Damage

December 26, 2012

Learn how to take precautions to protect your new home from heavy snow during winter with these quick tips. Read More »

Happy Homeowners in Hickory Ridge

December 17, 2012

Read about the home buying experience of a ranch home in Indianapolis from the Luck family! Read More »

Holiday Decorating Resource Guide

December 7, 2012

Get our go-to list of holiday décor—DIY, store-bought, and out-of-the-box—so you can achieve the most jaw-dropping festive look in your home! Read More »

Cracked Concrete

December 6, 2012

While cracks in concrete are eventually inevitable, you can be knowledgeable as to the seriousness and implications of them. Learn how to plan for them and look for warning signs in your home. Read More »

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