Having a well-organized pantry not only looks good; it feels good. It is a game changer for food prep or after-school snacks. When you have a clutter-free place to store your food, you just feel better.

The kitchen is a place for enjoying meals and spending quality time with loved ones, not for stressing over where the cans of green beans are hiding.

You will be an organized pantry pro after hearing these pantry organization tips and tricks from Coleen Carter, the owner of NEAT Method Charlotte.

“When you’re living in an organized, clutter-free space, it helps in every aspect of your life,” says Coleen.

NEAT Method Charlotte doesn’t go in blindly to fix up your pantry space – they have a plan in place to get to know you and figure out the best possible way to make your pantry work for you and your family.

Step One: Identify Daily Pantry Usage

When Coleen is figuring out how to organize your pantry, she starts by asking you (the client) about your everyday life and your daily usage of the pantry.

Do you have children? If so, will snacks or candy need to be placed up high, or will those items need to be accessible to the children?

Who is doing the grocery shopping and stocking the pantry?

Organized Pantry With Labels and Storage Containers

Talking through these things and really listening to you makes it easier to have a better idea of how to design a system that is sustainable for each family.

Step Two: Categorizing Your Stored Goods

Once there is an outline in place for where certain items will go, categorizing the rest of the food begins.

Snacks, baking materials, and more all have their own category. For example, boxes of cereal will all go together, pasta will go together, soups will go together, etc.

You will never have to wonder what you did with that new bag of chips you bought after having a designated area for them in your pantry.

Organized Pantry With Storage Containers

Step Three: Organize and Create Your Storage Aesthetic

Now that everything has a place, it’s time to make it look great. Coleen and her team want to get your pantry organized, but they also want it to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Their goal is to leave you with a beautiful, sustainable pantry.

Using glass containers and labeling storage bins are just a couple of pantry storage solutions that they use to achieve a pleasant look. One thing that sets NEAT Method apart from other organizing companies is that they hand-write all of their labels, offering a personal touch to your new and improved pantry.

Organized Pantry With Storage Containers

The pantry might be pleasing to the eye, but is it functional?

Coleen says that functionality is the most important thing in any pantry. She and her team use the best products to make the space look great, but they also make sure that it is functional for you and your family.

To put this concept into practice, they would not use glass containers to decant loose snacks if there are small children running in and out of the pantry. They aim to create a system that aligns with you and your lifestyle.

If you cook a lot, you’ll want to have your spices, oils, pasta, and other materials easily accessible. However, if cooking is not your specialty, you might just want the space to look nice, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Why should I invest time and energy into organizing?

“I think it’s important to know what you have, for instance in your pantry, so you aren’t buying multiple things or overbuying goods,” says Coleen.

Having an organized space helps with productivity; when everything has its own place, you don’t spend time running around searching for things. Items are labeled and categorized, saving you time and energy when you need to find a certain snack or ingredient.

Coleen and the team at NEAT Method Charlotte feel like they are able to best use their creativity when it comes to organizing pantries, as they all come in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes they choose to work with what they have, and sometimes they dive into designing a new shelving system for clients. Either way, they are constantly creating beautiful, organized pantries all over! Stay updated on organization tips when you follow NEAT Method on Instagram @charlotteneat.

Are you ready to take your pantry to the next level? Whether you are creating sections, adding baskets, or labeling jars, we want to see how you are using these pantry organization tips. Tag us @mihomes to show how you're containing the clutter in your pantry!


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