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​Spring is finally upon us, which means it's time to give your front porch a little love.

​Maybe your porch has no furniture at all right now, or it's the place where you put those wicker rocker chairs with peeling paint that you've had since college.

​We can relate! But with a bit of attention, you can transform your front porch into a favorite room for relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends. It can be one of the most fun spots to decorate.

​We've got the tips you need to help your porch become your outdoor oasis!

Make the Most of Your Front Porch Space

​Take a moment to think through all the ways you'd like to use your porch to get the most out of it:

  • Entertaining neighbors with fresh, homemade lemonade and chocolate chip cookies
  • Getting lost in a great novel on a slow weekend afternoon
  • Laughing with friends over wine late into the evening on a warm summer night

​Whether it’s just a space for you or you plan to share it with others, you'll probably want to build your porch design around comfortable chairs and small couches.

​For that classic front porch vibe, opt for a swing for two or a hammock if you have room.

​Love the idea of reading a good novel on the porch on a sunny day? Add a chair with an ottoman to create a cozy nook where you can put up your feet and relax.

​If you like to eat outdoors but don't want or have space for a larger table, buy a few attractive, portable wooden tables that are easy to store when the meal is over.

​A side table or two in wood, rattan, or a retro metal design nearby can provide just the right spot for a pitcher and cool drinks, as well as lend texture to your space.

​Even small front porches can become an appealing hideaway with a comfy seat to lounge in, a throw for your shoulders on chilly days, and a view of your beautiful surroundings.

Coordinate Your Outdoor Décor Colors

​One strategy is to focus on neutrals for your chair and couch cushions, using pillows for bursts of pattern and color. Changing your pillows with the seasons is an inexpensive and low-risk way to get a new look and experiment with your style.

​If you would rather have bold, primary hues in the cushions or furniture itself, go for it! Fun is at the forefront when it comes to front porch design.

​As you plan your furniture colors, don't forget to consider the porch ceiling and columns. A new coat of paint could help bring out your color scheme.

Front Porch Décor From Ceiling to Floor

​Lighting is a practical and atmospheric addition for evening hours. Just as inside the house, there are lots of options for outdoor lights, too.

​Outdoor décor choices include:

  • Flush mount lights
  • Hanging pendants
  • Sconces
  • Lantern-style lights and even string lights for a festive flair

​Browse specialty lighting websites to see which lighting options appeal to you.

​What's under your feet can be as important as what's hanging over your head. Outdoor rugs are an unexpectedly affordable way to pull a design together, and they impart a sense of presence and show off a pattern that makes you smile.

​Remember, an outdoor rug has to withstand everyday foot traffic, plus sunshine and rain. Read online reviews before purchasing a rug to judge its quality. No mildew or faded rugs for you!

​Thinking of adding something more permanent? Outdoor floor tile in terra cotta, slate, or other tones can be beautiful. Check with your installer to be sure the tile is appropriate and safe for your porch.

Embellish Your Porch With Accessories

​Though you'll want to keep your design simple, a few smart accessories can make your porch truly your own:

  • Select a few well-chosen plants in stylish planters (ferns tend to do well in the shade)
  • Choose a hanging bird feeder
  • Some art designed for the garden can also work well on a porch as an eclectic finishing touch: a moose made of recycled metal or a dog covered in flowers!

​One homeowner decorated the walls of her screened-in porch with a few puzzles of famous artworks. Preserve a puzzle with puzzle glue, get it shrink-wrapped at a framing store, and it's ready to hang.

Upgrade Your View

​What do you see from your porch? This could be the year to start that flower garden you've always wanted or improve your landscape in other ways—maybe with a little decorative mulch or some new shrubs.

​Flowers also provide a fun seasonal backdrop to your porch hangouts: think petunias in the summer and mums in the fall!

Comfort Comes First and Last

​An outdoor ceiling fan can boost your enjoyment through the hottest days. Another obstacle to blissful contentment is mosquitoes. Use citronella candles get rid of them, and make sure to drain any standing water on your property where the bugs can breed and thrive.

​We want to see how you created an oasis on your front porch. Whether you have a covered front porch, a small front porch, or a screened-in version, we can't wait to see what you've done with your space. Tag us at @mihomes on Instagram and @mihomesinc on Facebook to show us your front porch projects!


Deborah Rodrigues
Deborah Rodrigues

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