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Is your current work-from-home setup suffering from loud background noise, unflattering lighting, shared spaces, or simply an outdated design theme?

Your professional reputation can be dependent on having a private, appropriate workspace on meetings and throughout the workday, so it’s high time your study or home office got a makeover to help you be as productive as possible in your career.

Here are 5 essentials to improve and decorate your home office.

Woman Working From Home

How to Decorate an Office at Home

When setting up your home work environment, you'll need to combine form and function for optimal productivity. Get the most out of your space by equipping it with the following enhancements.

Illuminate Your Home Office With Plenty of Light

Throughout all times of year, you should be able to see and be seen effectively. It’s extremely important to position your desk and computer where a proper combination of natural light as well as artificial light graces the space, but doesn’t wash you out.

Whether you work in a morning room, an enclosed study, a loft, or elsewhere, experiment with your work area at different times of day and year to avoid gloomy-day darkness and blinding sun exposure alike.

If your square footage allows, set up one or two different seating areas in here to be able to switch up your lighting and environment as needed.

Home Study With Glass French Doors

Free Your Workspace From Distractions

No matter if you have a home office all of your own or you have to share it with someone, don’t compromise on a distraction-free work zone—both for yourself as well for any virtual meeting attendees.

This means TV, non-work items or gadgets, and even outdoor views if necessary.

It’s a healthy practice to separate recreational home belongings from work-from-home belongings, since everyone needs the mental break at the end of a workday.

Man Giving Presentation During Virtual Meeting

Create an Accent Wall As Your Camera Backdrop

At this point you’ve probably observed a variety of backgrounds on calls with coworkers or clients. Are you able to stay focused on the individual? Or are you mesmerized by what’s going on behind them?

You need to make sure the wall behind you is attractive, but keeps you as the focus. That’s why we recommend painting or styling a subtle accent wall to add visual interest and show intentionality in your workspace.

Home Office With Grey Accent Wall

Invest in High-Quality Tech

Many of us depend on virtual meetings to collaborate and check in throughout the workday, so it’s vital that your home office is conducive to video calls.

In addition to taking the time to add a visually appealing accent wall, opt for high-end tech such as a camera, a microphone, headphones, and computer monitors. You’ll obviously get plenty of use out of these items, and they will help create a great impression on meetings and calls.

It’s no wonder why most of the recommendations on Wired’s work-from-home necessities list are tech-related—if you want to avoid embarrassing mishaps on your end of any virtual conversation, they are must-haves!

Woman Attending Virtual Meeting From Home

Personalize Your Space With Colors and Décor That Keep You in the Zone

Surround yourself with colors and comforts that not only make your workday easier but are also helpful for your mental health.

From a corner of lush houseplants to floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled with what inspires you or a fun wallpaper to maintain good vibes throughout the work week, don’t skimp on those home office enhancements!

Home Office With Floral Wallpaper

You’ll be more productive, comfortable, and confident in a properly set-up work zone. Get even more home office inspiration from some of our very own homeowners!


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