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The home buying process can be quite the journey! Between choosing your new community, deciding between a townhome vs. a single family home, and selecting your design finishes, there are so many decisions to be made.

Through it all, M/I Homes has made one thing simple for you: our TechConnect Home Automation Package provides peace of mind at home or on the go.

When our homeowners go through their New Homeowner Orientation walk, there are three parts of the TechConnect package that truly excite them:

  1. The Video Doorbell
  2. The Wireless Security and Smart Home Panel
  3. The ClareOne Mobile Application

The Video Doorbell

Everybody loves a video doorbell! It’s a hot commodity that people look for during holiday doorbuster deals.

They’re added security and make our homeowners feel connected, whether they’re on the couch waiting for the pizza delivery, at the office and notice the doorbell rings, or across the country and just want to check in on their front porch.

So why does our Clare One Video Doorbell stand out to our homeowners? It’s simple:

“Peace of mind. Whether it’s being able to see my packages delivered or see who’s at the door when I’m not there, the video doorbell gives a sense of security that many other devices can’t match.” Says Eric Schwartz, a Purchasing Agent with M/I Homes who also has the ClareOne Video Doorbell in his home.

And whereas most video doorbells are a separate entity, the ClareOne Video Doorbell is built into the Smart Home Panel and ClareHome mobile app!

ClareOne Wireless Security and Smart Home Panel

The ClareOne Panel is a game-changer. Professionally installed in your home post-closing, a few of our favorite stand-out features of this single panel include:
  • A camera to take a photo of who arms or disarms the system on the panel
  • A 7-inch touchscreen display
  • LTE radio for emergency cellular reporting
  • A security panic button

The ClareOne Panel can support up to 232 Z-Wave devices, 128 zones, and 99 users!

Both self-monitoring and professional-monitoring services are available, allowing all devices to still be fully functional after any trial periods may expire.

ClareOne Mobile App: ClareHome

The ClareHome app brings you a sense of security whether you’re at the office down the road or vacationing on a different continent. If you’re a fan of enhanced organization, you’ll love the ClareHome app!

The home screen gives you your home overview at a glance: all of your smart technology icons are loaded in one place and will show you what is armed or disarmed, what doors may be open, which smart lights are on or off, the thermostat temperature, what song is playing on your smart device, and so much more.

The menu icons allow for seamless flow within the app and include: Favorites, Devices, Activities, Actions, and More. When selecting the More option, you’ll be able to invite additional users to your profile. Only the primary user can assign who gets access to your home, not a dealer!

Do you have TechConnect in your home? What’s your favorite piece of technology that you rely on daily? Let us know!


Nicole Skrocki


Nicole has a passion for real estate; she has over 15 years of professional and personal experience in new home sales. She fully understands the new construction process, as her career started by selling townhomes in the Naperville/Aurora area, and she has personally built new herself. Nicole joined M/I Homes in 2013 as the Internet Sales Manager for the Chicago Division and loves helping customers with their new home search! She is a dedicated listener equipped with a wealth of knowledge to guide new home buyers in the right direction. Nicole’s top priority is customer service: she’s been recognized by M/I Homes as one of the top Internet Sales Managers in the company! When Nicole is not assisting homeowners buy or maintain their home, you can find her spending time with family and friends. Nicole enjoys running and watching her son Nate swim and her daughter Natalie cheer. She has been married to her college sweetheart Nathan for 18 years.

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