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The versatility of a flex room not only boasts added potential, valuable square footage, and a multitude of options, but also an opportunity to reflect your own unique style, individual taste, and meet the dynamic needs of your family.

Our flex rooms are blank canvases just waiting for you to make them your own! But best of all, whether you know exactly how you want to decorate the flex room in your house, or you are struggling to commit to an idea, the space can adapt and change with you through different chapters of life.

Wondering how to decorate a flex room or looking for some modern flex room ideas to take your space to the next level? Are you just itching to get your hands dirty with a new DIY home improvement project or hoping to elevate the spare bedroom you just can’t figure out what to do with?

Here are 5 ideas of creative uses for your flex room and some insight from our happy homeowners about why they love their space:

#1: Home Office or Study

Whether you're working from home or simply looking for a productive space to focus, meet deadlines, or pay the bills, transform your extra square footage into a quiet office space. The quintessential use for the extra room in your house, an office provides a dedicated home for the computers and a peaceful escape to work remotely.

Here’s why our homeowners love it:

“The upstairs game room is the kids’ game room/music room/media room, and our flex room downstairs is an office. This way we can work but still be separate from the kids’ upstairs area. Kids can do piano lessons, work on school, play board games, and read upstairs while we get our work done downstairs! It is the perfect setup for our family!” – Danielle T.

Make it your own:

  • Framed photos of family and friends create a modern gallery wall and spruce up an empty space.
  • Everyone loves a little extra storage! Add bookshelves for additional organization space and the perfect place to display memorabilia.
  • Have virtual meetings and video-conference calls become integrated into your work schedule? Check out these helpful tips to create the perfect Zoom-ready office space.

#2: Learning Center

Utilize the flex room in your house to create a distraction-free homework station, homeschool room, or online school study space. With millions of students now learning from home, carving out a purposeful space for your child to study can help promote and nurture their education, growth, creativity, and discovery.

Creating a separate learning space that doesn’t take up your kitchen table or infringe on their personal bedroom offers the dedicated space school-aged children deserve.

Make it your own:

  • Adding a spacious desk, comfortable chairs, and great lighting makes for a focused and inspiring workstation.
  • “Organization, organization, organization.” Say it with us! Use what you have around the house. Shelves, storage bins, color coded buckets, or decorated shoeboxes can all contribute to a beautifully decorated flex room, so you can easily keep up with curriculum, supplies, and paperwork. Want a few more storage ideas? Explore some more ideas to find and utilize that extra space you don’t think you have!

#3: Kids' Play Room

Keep the everyday mess of kids’ toys and books corralled. Children of all ages will love to have a separate, imaginative, and colorful play space to call their own (and you’ll appreciate the Legos having a new home rather than strewn throughout the house).

Having a designated space for board games, costumes, puzzles, and more, makes for a tidier home, while keeping the kiddos entertained for hours with endless fun!

Here’s why our homeowners love it:

“Growing up I always had a game room, so we wanted to create that same type of space for our kids… that way they can have the freedom to play and store their toys without cluttering up the rest of the home.” – Kyle C.

“We use our flex space as a play room for our 3 kids. We love that it is open to the downstairs so we can keep an eye on them, but not have all of their toys downstairs.” – Lacy A.

Make it your own:

  • Have an extra flex room wall you don’t know how to utilize? Summon the weekend warriors to tackle a simple and effective DIY project. Hanging shiplap or wood paneling instantly adds modern farmhouse flair.

#4: Workout Room or Home Gym

Create a personal gym in the comfort of your own home. No more commute or waiting in line for machines. Say bye-bye to gym memberships and shared equipment, and hello to a private workout space available at your convenience (open 24/7 AND you can play music as loud as you want!).

Whether you’re into yoga, cardio, or strength training, maintain a healthy lifestyle and reach your fitness goals in your customized space.

Make it your own:

  • Add a yoga mat and some dumbbells, or if cardio is more your speed, then a treadmill or exercise bike will fit the bill.
  • Not only will mirrors make the space feel lighter and larger, but also help you perfect technique and correct form.

#5: Poker Room or Man Cave

The man cave of your home doesn’t have to be in an expansive basement or spare garage. Whether your interests revolve around sports, game nights, or happy hours, create a comfortable space to relax and entertain.

From small get-togethers to cocktail parties or simply hanging out, unwinding, and exploring hobbies, make the most out of the flex room in your house and bring your dreams to life.

Make it your own:

  • Add a poker table for a game of cards and friendly bets. Host a few guests for competitive game nights and show off your newly decorated space.
  • From dartboard to foosball table, games of pool or more traditional games of cards or chess – they can all find a home here.
  • Have you been looking for a spot to showcase your jersey collection or trophies? There’s never been a better spot.

With endless ideas and unlimited potential, flex rooms can serve a variety of functions and seamlessly transition with your family through numerous milestones and seasons. Create a space that meets the needs of your family and showcases your personal style. We loved hearing how a few of our happy M/I homeowners who have done just that.

Maybe it’s a coffee room, formal dining room, music room, or library. How are you putting your personal spin on your flex room and what fabulous function does it serve? We would love to hear your other ideas! Snap a photo and tag @mihomes.


Dan O'Malley
Dan O'Malley


Dan O’Malley is the Vice President of Product Development for M/I Homes.With over 30 years of expertise in residential architecture and design, Dan has been overseeing the product needs of the company's 16 divisions located throughout the Midwest, Southeast, Nashville and Texas for the past 12 years. Before joining M/I Homes, he was a partner in the Chicago office of BSB Design, a national residential architectural firm, for 14 years. Dan is an expert in all aspects of single-family and multifamily design and has received several awards for his successful projects. He is also a popular speaker at various industry events, including the International Builder’s Show, Midwest Builder’s Show, and Multi-Housing World.

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