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Getting Ready for Garage Renovation and Reorganization

May 22, 2015

When it comes to performing this task, there are a couple of useful tips you might want to know in order to make your work more productive and successful, so here are some things that could assist you. Read More »

Kitchen Considerations: 5 Ways to Maximize an Open Floorplan Kitchen

April 17, 2015

We’ve got five great tips that will give your guests entertainment envy and allow you to focus on the fun with minimal distractions. Read More »

Stepping into Spring: Spring Home Maintenance Tips

March 19, 2015

Tomorrow is the first day of spring (finally!). If you’re like a lot of our homeowners, you’re probably wondering how you could be getting your home prepared for spring. Check out these quick spring maintenance tips for your new home! Read More »

3 Reasons to Replace Your Entry Door

February 17, 2015

Well-chosen entry doors not only add crucial curb appeal and an added level of security, but they also provide the highest return on investment come selling time. Here’s why you need to replace your front door. Read More »

6 Spots for a Second Kitchen Sink

January 21, 2015

As home floorplans have opened up, kitchens have evolved into the main family and entertaining spaces in our homes. With that comes more traffic, and a greater need to use that space wisely. Read More »

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