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Is There Anything Better Than Spending the First Night in Your New Home?

August 31, 2021

Your move-in day deserves some major celebrating! Whether you enjoy a quiet dinner on the floor or fill your new home with friends and family galore, read our tips for settling into home that very first night. Read More »

Closing Gift Ideas for Your New Construction Homebuyers

April 16, 2021

Make Closing Day really stand out for your clients by picking out a gift that is meaningful, lasting, and unique to them! We've got the best Closing gift ideas for you. Read More »

6 Simple Tips for Throwing a Stress-Free Housewarming Party

November 27, 2020

From putting up personal items to hand-picking foods that won't stain your new carpet if they fall, guest blogger Valerie Cox is sharing the information you need to know if you're throwing a housewarming party in your new home! Read More »

Give the Housewarming Gift Your Friend Actually Wants

November 19, 2020

Learn how to give the perfect housewarming gift from useful, to personal, cozy, yummy, meaningful, and practical to help a new homeowner feel right at home! Read More »

How to Throw a Great Housewarming Party

October 4, 2017

Like a honeymoon after a wedding, new homeownership calls for a housewarming party. A time where you can invite your friends over, have a great time, and create lasting memories as you “break in” the house for the first time. To help you plan the perfect party, we’ve rounded up a few ideas and key things you’ll need to keep the good time rolling. Read More »

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