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​Too often, we are placed in metaphorical boxes when looking for a home (or making any significant purchase). Instead of buying a home that doesn’t fit your needs and lifestyle, learn when right-sizing is—well, right—for you!

​We’ve highlighted Conroe, TX as the perfect location for right-sizing in any stage of life.

Why Right-Size Your Home

What is rightsizing? Rightsizing = a more accurate term to explain the overused term, downsizing. Looking for a perfect space does not mean a move down, and it doesn’t apply only to empty-nesters, either.

How we use our homes is evolving, and many of us are realizing the increasing importance of home being attuned to our individual needs:

  • Maybe an unused media room in your current home goes unused, but a dual-purpose work-from-home/virtual learning room close to the kitchen is needed.
  • Maybe you’ve decided a large, open floorplan is beautiful, but not when everyone in the family is at home and needs space for quiet calls or focus on a project.
  • Maybe it’s just you and your dog; maybe you have been retired a few years but are now starting your own business; maybe you have three generations of family under one roof.

​Whether it is a lifestyle change, family event, or general desire for a change of pace, allow us to introduce Conroe, TX and why it may be the perfect place for your new home.

5 Reasons to Call the City of Conroe, TX Home

​Houston, Texas is vast, and finding the right place to call home can be (understandably) overwhelming. When hand-picking Conroe as one of our Greater Houston suburbs in which to build new homes, we noticed a real sense of ease that this Texas city provides residents.

​With less home to manage and clean, and more time freed up to enjoy life, Conroe’s opportunities for fun await just outside homeowners’ front doors.

​Here at M/I Homes, we are Conroe mega-fans!

1. It’s Cooler in Conroe, Literally

​Much of Conroe, TX real estate has the added advantage of an entirely different, cooler USDA grow zone (8b), vs. neighbors to the immediate south (9a). In layman’s terms for both gardeners and non-gardeners alike, this means cooler average temperatures.

​The slightly cooled down weather is noticeable, and even in the Texas summer heat it can make a difference in potential cooling costs and overall comfort when enjoying the outdoors.

2. Conroe’s Copious Conveniences

​All your favorites, like Costco, Target, and The Woodlands Town Center are conveniently accessible throughout this Texas suburb. Shop ‘til you drop, or simply appreciate the easy trip to stock up the pantry.

3. Immediate Access to I-45 or Grand Parkway

​In 30 minutes or less on I-45 or the Grand Parkway (Highway 99) in any direction, you can easily reach thousands of exciting entertainment options for any occasion.

​While other nearby cities set further east or west of Conroe can mean hours of deadlocked weekday traffic, Conroe residents enjoy centralized access to these major thoroughfares and many options to get where they need to go.

4. Lake Conroe

​Looking for what to do in Lake Conroe, TX? Visiting the lake on a sunny Saturday tops our favorite things to do in Conroe, TX. Covering over 20,000 acres, Lake Conroe offers boat rentals, or docks for your own lake-worthy canoe, sailboat, or motorized passenger boats.

​Multiple restaurants directly off the lake provide great boat-accessible lunch options, or great spots to enjoy a Texas sunset with margarita in hand.

5. The Great Texas Outdoors

​The neighborhood parks in Conroe, TX are countless, as well as the amazing nearby W G Jones State Forest, with walking trails, multiple gardens, lakes, and 15 miles of horse-friendly pathways. The park is open year-round and free to the public.

​In Conroe, not only will you find a host of reasons to call this Houston suburb your home, but you’ll also find the home size options perfect for your lifestyle.

​Loving the sound of a home that checks all the boxes in Conroe, TX? Take a look at opportunities to right-size in Conroe.


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Karen Schieb has been with M/I Homes since its entry into the Houston market. As an Internet Sales Manager and a Houston native, Karen is an expert on new homes in the area and genuinely cares about finding the best homes for her clients. With a keen eye for detail, Karen also has excellent taste and a wide breadth of knowledge on all the latest home designs. When not helping M/I prospects find their dream homes or tackle their next DIY home project, Karen is either in LA visiting her daughter, Natalie, or can be found playing pool.

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