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Gallery walls have made a huge impression on the interior design industry as of late, simply because they can add a personal touch to any room.

If you have a spot in your home that feels like it’s missing something, this is truly a great way to enhance your living space.

Learn How to Make a Gallery Wall With These 4 Simple Steps

While it might seem like a task for professional interior decorators, gallery walls are a feasible DIY project. Follow our guide to achieve a gallery wall worthy of a model home!

[Ecclectic Living Room With Gallery Wall]

Measure Your Wall

As soon as you choose where to hang your wall art, it’s time to measure! Most galleries will be positioned in the middle and can extend outward as far as you’d like, so you’ll first want to judge how much wall you want to cover.

[Couple Measuring a Spot on a Wall]

While measuring, keep in mind there should be an even amount of blank space on the left and right edges to keep everything centered. For example, if you leave 2 feet of uncovered space on the left, you should have the same on the right.

This rule should also be followed for the top and bottom of your gallery; however, if there will be underneath your gallery, like a couch or a credenza, measure from the top of the furnishing to the top of the wall instead of measuring the wall top to bottom.

Choose Your Art or Photos

Finding pieces for your gallery wall is the most exciting part of the process, so really let your creativity and design style shine as you choose your pictures.

We recommend deciding on 1 statement piece, whether it be larger, brighter, bolder, or simply more captivating than the rest.

[Green and Beige Bedroom With Hanging Artwork on Wall]

Then, surround this with smaller or less powerful imagery.

If you already have a photo or canvas lying around that you love, use that! Otherwise, search for something at your local craft store, an antique shop, or an online retailer.

As you shop, pay attention to the sizes, and bring a measuring tape along with you to the store. It’s important to work within the space you allotted for your gallery!

Once you have your statement piece, begin looking for more photos or paintings that align with your first piece yet have their own flair.

For a more uniform look, opt for the same size or color among each piece.

If you want each picture to standout, go for varying sizes, colors, or even textures.

[Dining Room With Blue Accents and Gallery Pictures on Shelves] [Colorful Bedroom With Gallery Wall of Pictures Above Bed]

Pro tip: Decide on a color palette or design theme for a cohesive look

Lay Out Your Gallery

Now it’s time to begin working on a blueprint for your wall. This step will determine the overall look of your gallery, so consider several arrangements before making a final decision.

Look for inspiration online to see how many ways you can organize your artwork on the wall. When you find something you like, replicate it or create a similar arrangement.

[Wall Gallery of Framed Family Photos]

We highly recommend doing this on the floor at first!

Use the same measurements you intend on working with for your gallery wall to mark the floor with painter’s tape.

Lay your canvases or frames in this area to see how everything will fit and flow together.

As you do this, it’s also helpful to measure the distance between each edge and keep this width consistent between every piece for a well-structured, seamless design.

Try turning some pieces vertically and some horizontally for added dimension.

[Small Gallery Wall of Chic Art]

This process will allow you to try various options and see a mockup of the result before you make any holes in the wall.

Hang and Admire Your New Gallery Wall

Once your final layout is positioned out on the floor, take a picture of it to reference as you start hanging.

Do your research first to understand how to properly hang pictures to avoid any gaping holes or damage to your walls.

As you work, don’t forget to leave an equal amount of distance between each piece.

[Couple Hanging and Centering an Art Piece on a Wall]

Now that everything is hung and in place, your gallery wall is complete! Step back and admire your hard work and beautiful décor.

There are tons of ways to embellish a bare wall. Ready for the next wall transformation project in your home? Learn how to create an accent wall!


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