Is a 3- or 4-bedroom home really for you? Do you need this abundance of space? Do you really need the hassle of going up and down the stairs? If you answered no to all those questions it is time you start thinking about downsizing.

Downsizing does not mean you have to get rid of everything; however, it does mean getting organized, decluttering, and getting rid of the belongings that might not be in use anymore. Or maybe it is not downsizing you need, but right-sizing, meaning getting rid of those stairs and extending out instead of up.

Key Takeaway: Downsizing means decluttering and choosing a space conducive to your needs.

How Do I Know When It’s Time to Downsize?

How will you know when it is time to make the transition? Well here are three key changes to let you know it is that time to downsize:

  1. Yard work is getting harder each year
  2. You don’t have time to spend with friends and family because of housework
  3. The nest is empty

If you are noticing all of these key changes, maybe it is time to start thinking of the benefits of downsizing. When downsizing you will have less time to spend on yard work, time to enjoy a long bike ride or playing golf, and more time to relax in your "right-size" home that will be part of your new lifestyle you have been craving.

Key Takeaway: If you're frustrated by keeping up with a large property or home, it might be time to downsize!

Steps to Take when Downsizing

Facing a seemingly endless list of to-dos is intimidating and frightening, but having an advocate and resource to lean on during these times will lessen those feelings of uncertainty. Here are a few major considerations that we’re ready to help you through.

Minimalist Decisions

Minimalists live a simple way of life by owning intentionally less. This allows for a manageable home living situation. Living like a minimalist means that you fill your home (and life) with less stuff, leading to less clutter.

Less maintenance on your home leads to more time for hobbies, social activities, and traveling! Becoming a minimalist will allow you to choose the meaningful possessions that you want to enjoy forever—the things and memories worth keeping. Living the minimalist lifestyle allows for less space to clean, making the process both easier and quicker to keep a neat and tidy home.

Key Takeaway: Owning fewer possessions allows for more space and stress-free upkeep.

Financial Opportunities

We all have a bucket list of what we would like to see or purchase, or even places to travel, but costs are always a major consideration, and sometimes a hinderance.

When you downsize you have the financial opportunities to save money which can help you plan or purchase those items. Or you can have to opportunity to pay off your mortgage faster. M/I Financial helps you realize that your dream of owning a new M/I Home is much easier than you think.

An easy and effective solution for eliminating your debt is to live in less space. Without the financial burden of your previous payments, you'll have more to put toward credit cards, loans, medical bills, and other sources of debt.

We know how difficult it can be looking to downsize into your new home, but the M/I Financial team is here for you every step of the way. Downsizing makes it easier to start saving that retirement fund: with less property and space, the more you save!

Key Takeaway: You'll be amazed how easy it is to save money when you downsize!

A Home Builder that Is Here to Help

What is the difference you might ask? M/I Homes features many floorplans ranging in price, square footage, and ranch-style designs all throughout the Indianapolis area. Whether you are looking in Johnson County, Hamilton County, Boone County, Hendricks County, or Marion County, we can build just what you need for the right time in your life.

Choose to move-in to our newly designed ranch plans in Legacy at Hunter’s Run in Fishers. This luxurious community in Hamilton County has 5 plans for you to choose from ranging from 1,777 to 3,249 square feet. Whether you are looking for a quick move-in or a new build Legacy is the perfect community to downsize and find the right-size home to fit your needs. Be sure to look at our ranch plans in the Indianapolis Metro, and lean on M/I Homes for everything you need during your transition.


Michelle Rinear


Michelle Rinear, Internet Sales Manager for M/I Homes - Indianapolis, applies over 20 years in the new home building industry and a wealth of knowledge from working various roles to help future homeowners help build their dream home with M/I Homes. Her passion for home design and her experience as a real estate agent position her to help with any aspects of home buying or ownership.