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​Halloween decorations can be gory, scary, or over the top. If you’re still wanting to participate in the neighborhood fun but aren’t partial to web-strewn trees or ghoulish lawn decorations, we have the perfect Halloween DIY decor for you to create on your own and show a different type of festivity for Spooky Season!

Subtle Indoor Halloween Decorations

​These fun indoor Halloween crafts make for a casual addition to rooms throughout your home without stealing the show from your other décor. You can still let your farmhouse, minimalist, or other style shine through with just a hint of Halloween.

Lollipop Ghosts

​First, this a super simple craft the whole family will enjoy creating. Once finished, give these away as candy for trick-or-treaters or display in a bowl on the kitchen counter for family members to grab when their sweet tooth is calling.


  • Strings
  • Lollipop
  • Opaque Tissue Paper
  • Bowl

​To start off, you will want to cut your string to at least four inches long. Next, take your lollipops and cover them with the opaque tissue paper. Take the string and tie it around the tissue paper and the stem of the lollipops. To make these ghosts stand out you can draw faces on the tissue paper with a marker.

Pumpkin Baskets

​If you’re searching for the perfectly subtle and contained indoor Halloween piece, these pumpkin baskets are perfect. With a few splashes of paint and some understated ribbons, this decoration will bring a fun flair to your home.


  • Small Pumpkins
  • Spray Paint
  • Basket
  • Halloween Ribbon

​For this project, take your basket and spray paint it whatever color suits your style during Halloween (or leave it natural for an even more laid-back look). Grab your white pumpkins or gourds from your local farmers market. Be sure to spray your pumpkins with generic hair spray so your pumpkins do not rot. Tie your ribbon on the basket handle or on the stem of your pumpkins or gourds. This would be great decoration for your entryway, staircase, or coffee table.

Witches’ Hat Décor

​We made our witch hat using candy corn colors, but this is really about what makes you smile. An adorable addition next to a salt lamp or candy dish alike, this craft is bound to end up on one of your tabletops.


  • Paper/Cardboard (for the Witch Hat)
  • Yarn (Get 3 Colors)
  • Hot Glue

​We all have that one table we love to put our favorite tchotchkes on: why not put spruce it up for the Halloween season? I went out to the store and found cute cardboard witches’ hats to decorate in a candy corn theme. It is super simple and makes your table pop!

​Take your witch hat, heat up your hot glue gun, and place a line of glue on the cardboard hat. Then start taking your first spool of yarn and winding it around on the hat. When you are about halfway up you can start on your second yarn color. Make sure you have enough glue in your glue gun! Once you are nearing the top start on the last yarn, making sure you leave room enough for each.

​This fun piece would be perfect on your kitchen table, too, serving as a perfect backdrop for pumpkin-carving night!

Outdoor Halloween Highlights

​Who says you can't hold a candle to your neighbor's all-out approach to Halloween decorations? Even without that giant blow-up Frankenstein in your yard, you can still make trick-or-treat a fun night with these subtle outside projects.

Halloween Vase Décor

​With limited nice days remaining before winter arrives, make sure to let your flowers shine outside for as long as possible! Ideal for your front porch or even lining your front walkway with pumpkins in between, these potted beauties will make your visitors’ day.


  • Fake Leaves/Fresh Flowers
  • Large Tin Can or Galvanized Metal Bucket
  • Pumpkin Bow
  • Fun Prop (e.g. Small Skeletons from a Craft Store)

​Take a tin can and wrap cute Halloween ribbons around the can. If you prefer a more finished look for your tin, you can paint it in the color that best suits your style. Top it off by putting fresh cut flowers from a home garden or a Farmers Market in your tin can! To go an extra mile, you can put a skeleton or other fun Halloween piece that sticks up from the flowers to greet trick-or-treaters.

Halloween Flowerpot

​Halloween decorations don’t have to take the place of your tasteful fall decorations. In fact, they can be a temporary addition for the week or two leading up to Halloween, meaning in one or two quick steps you can be done with Halloween and back to autumn or Thanksgiving décor.

​This craft is a fun way to get the kids involved. Let them decorate a few store-bought skeletons, ghosts, or mummies, and add them to your potted mums. This is not only perfect for trick-or-treat night, but it also makes going from Halloween back to Harvest a cinch.


  • Potted Mums
  • Bones
  • Ribbon (optional)

​Clear a spot next to your other fall decorations, queue up Hocus Pocus, and put out your bowl of candy. Halloween can be fun and classy!


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